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Hookup Spots
  • Radipole Skate Park.
  • Duke of Cornwall has live music five nights a week, all of it very good. Check it out.
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  • Example Name
  • Easton Park on Portland full of the school leavers who have no jobs and cant afford to go to a decent pub and spen their lives drinking White Lightning Cider and Drum Tabacco.
  • The nothe gardens
  • Finns an irish pub near wilkonsons plays decent music all metal ect
  • mcdonalds on a saturday
  • I usually go to the local skate park (the front) and skate there with my chums. the mini-ramp got torn down for no reason probably becuase the park is owned by bladers and bmx'rs its kinda crap now....Phil
  • Cafe 21 -Veggie - East street Weymouth now closed.
  • Harry's if you wanna pull a footballer with the same IQ as your dog.
  • Many a night was spent drinking omega/lambrini down the public toilets on the front or at Wkye gardens. Hanging around the shelters, Puffer jacket in toe, usually with the sound of Boy Racers revving past with happy hardcore or Alice Dj on the stereo. Then off to the swannery for a smoke...those were the days
  • Is it just me or is Weymouth the only town in the UK that aint got a redlight district?
  • the pleasure pier
  • The Condor Ferries Platform or...The flower big flower pots at the Pavilion Theatre.
  • The Nothe Gardens - Love it - reminds me of being 14 free of all cares - takes me back!!
  • ally gardens
  • Scoffers lost its magic since I now live in the opposite direction...
  • The beach but watch out for syringes left by the many druggies in wEYMOUTH in the sand and broken booze bottles from the whinos
  • Wyke Gardens to drink OMEGA Weymouths favoured cider with the underage drinkers, railway track and the front
  • Alot of freaks hang around outside Mvc doing jack.
  • a good spot is outside maccas, watch the "dancing rubbish". another good "hook spot" is inside a fishes mouth. the esplanade bus stop if you are a wino piss head. public toilets next to duke of cornwell if you like young boys.
  • Mainly on the esplanade. Shrieking and drinking and yelling at their 14 year old mates. Insufferable.
  • The Debenhams Bus Stops
  • Just about anywhere you place ever Weymouth.
  • Alexandra Gardens for the muzzies
  • If you're owned by a dog, the beach is the place to be in the winter - they won't let us on in the summer- too many grockles! But take your pooper scooper - it's not nice walking in someone elses' poo!
  • will have to ask my son that one - down town I guess Purple cafe for skating ramps drinking cider etc according to my son
  • Well these sort of change from time to time but there are a few like the clock, back of debenhams, littlemoor outside somerfields and mainly outside public loo's - one might begin to think that they are incontinent keeping up there hard-ass image and run orf to the loo from time to time!
  • ... weymouth college is good for hanging around
  • iz it me or are all the boy racers trippin down to the schools to pick up some youthfull birds? Hmmm seems to me their sight just get lower! Well one sound spot iz sandsfoot castle and beach...wicked for camping, boozing and the Nothe gardens rock for barbeques and a smoke.Noah's, the clock and such like, you've heard it before!
  • The best spot in weymouth is the espanade or as the locals call it "the front" hence the name for the people that hang "the front crew". Here is the best place to pick up boy racers in there speedy rs turbo's or not so speedy metro's!!! I's even better here in the summer coz u get all the racers from bournmouth and all the squaddies come down in there really expencive cars!!!! If your ever in weymouth go there!!!!!!! You'll find someone to talk 2...oh and if no racers out they'll be at work so check out lakeside superbol it's where you'll find there girl friends.
  • Well I would say that the bench just outside the HSBC and opposite Smiths is where all the guys and gals hang out after they have been refused entry in to the sleaziest club in town...... The Malibu - But it is great fun!!!
  • Weymouth has a lot of Amusement arcades along the sea front. There's always loads of kids/grannies/etc hanging out in the 'muzzies.
  • The seafront if you wear tracksuits or malibu if you are old enough to wear Make-up
  • Hanging Gardens by Municipal Offices. Under age drinks club. BYOB Pavillion Car Park. Boy Racers. Nothe Gardens for late night 'romance' BYOPartner.
  • Noah's Ark Amusements or sea front.

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