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Favourite Building
  • I am neither religious, mad or both, but I do like St Johns church at Greenhill near the Park district. If you look up the spire there are different heads of animals. The Gargoyles are all unique and so are the windows which all have different designs. Its probably the finest example of the skill of local masons and craftsmen.
  • Meeches with the ultra cool gargoyles.
  • The tudor house near hope square
  • Thomas Mowlams's of fleet lane..beautiful gothic/irish themed mosaics outside.
  • The Tourist Information Centre on the Esplanade!
  • Weatherspoons ;-)
  • the front skate park
  • Chickerell
  • my favourite building has got to be my flat, but then i am biased - but who cares.
  • the white hart sits well where it is.
  • The mysterious CEFAS fish lab where they create giant squid-men for profit and amusement.
  • Anythign 17h century thats left the rest if prefabbed concrete shite
  • ozzy whytes house
  • I love the White Hart Pub!
  • New Look, has a big lighthouse attrached to it in the centre of town.
  • Passion and pain Professional Tattoo and Body piercing. Health Registered A.P.T.A and T.C.G.B Watchdog Approved. Custom and Cover up our Speciality. 01305 777152 24 hour piecring helpline: 07880 663343 81 abbotsbury road weymouth dorset dt4 0aq Tattoos and Body Piercing by Broken Halo
  • The new Weymouth College is not exactly an interesting design, but it is gorgeous and definitely worth a visit.
  • Multi- Storey Car PARK
  • The Noathe Fort
  • 'meeches' great gargoyled gents talors
  • This would have to be the Sand Man's little hut where in the Summer he sculpts lifelike images of cartoon characters and dolphins. Unfortunately this is now run by the not so talented grandson of the original man who created this gem but it is worth a look anyway if you are in to doing the tourist thing.
  • ali's, sids and 3 in a row...mussies my school budmouth...
  • The Nothe Fort.
  • The Nothe Fort
  • Opposite marks and Spencers, the coolest building - just sit outside M&S and look up, Beauty and the Beast would be jealous of these gargoles.
  • Nothe Fort, set in (oddly enough) the Nothe Gardens. Part of Henry VIII costal fortifications with great views. Sunny day required.

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