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  • Cracking night at The Crispin pub in Grove Road every Friday night at Lisa's karaoke/ Cabaret. Some great ( and not so great) singers in a traditional boozer that opens it's doors to welcome everyone on a Friday. It's gay friendly too, probably because Lisa is, but great fun for everyone where you can become the star of the night. Bit of karaoke, bit of disco but lots of fun and laughs.
  • Brownes on the river is rubbish, water everything down I swear. Slug & Lettuce is good, Ha Ha's isn't. Crosses Corner is ok.
  • One of the barmaids in the Three Tuns, next to the Guild Hall, is *THE* most beautiful woman I have ever seen!
  • The Merry wives of windsor has had a bit of a shakeup recently and now host sports, mtv, dj's every weekend. The critereons dying a bit these days but is great on a summers day as you can sit outside and catch a few rsys. Most other pubs are now turning into fancy wine bars or restaraunts so for real beer you have to head out of town a bit.
  • Front room,under the arches has now been changed,comfy sofas,a chill out atmosphere with music like chilli peppers and beastie boys what windsor desperatly needed.
  • The merry wives of windsor near the arts centre.
  • is the stag & Hounds that has gone down hill in st.leonards road. if it is it surprises me that the football team have left after all the landord (if it is who i think it is) was an avid footballer and in fact used play football and received many cups and medals for football. the cooking doesn't surprise me they weren't really into food. they had great plans for it shame!!!!
  • All pubs are a bit 'flash' and therefore expensive. I favour the Yellow bar as it is a bit cheaper, music is 80s funk and there is a pool table. HaHa and the new wetherspoons 'Windseldora' get an honorory mention too. Worst pub is slug and lettice - expensive, small, hot and unpleasant.
  • Shooters - place to drink if you are an underaged car thief or a crack head, or just a complete prat on the dole. Long gone are the days of Andy Pringle when it used to be a place you could go where everyone knew everyone and the whole idea was to simply have a laugh. these days if you dont stumble over a dealer in the toilets you'll bound to get caught up in a fight over territory between the local massive's (Dedworth Vs Central Windsor). Having said all this, I heard it was sold sometime last year and is under new management, although I'd rather poke a pen in my eye than go and check it out. Yello's ~ marginally better, at least theve got fantastic DJ's that play cracking music
  • This town has the biggest concentration of pubs in the whole of the country outside of London, 104 in a square mile at the last count and you want me to list them?
  • Too many to mention but stick to the back streets for reasonable prices. Chicago Rock opens later than any other. Shooters is cheap on Thursdays.
  • Vansittart Arms near to Windsor Boys' School offers great beer and a 'no chips' menu. Good atmosphere and beer garden for the adults and kids to run around and knock over your pint.
  • Ha Ha's/Yello's are good for a slightly more formal drink. Shooter's is full of tossers. The Arts Centre is good for a drink with live music often in the bar.
  • Crosses Corner is a cool one, cheap nice food through the day and a great atmostphere by night. Staff friendly.
  • Ignore these people the Firkin's great. Lots of indie music, usually. The Carpenter's Arms is very friendly, this is behind the Guild hall which is opposite the Castle. And The Old Monk, next to the Chicago Rock Cafe. The Merry Wive's of Windsor (near the Arts Center) has a beer garden and is also very nice inside. There's a Ha!Ha! near the station as well, with a glass roof.
  • Stag and Hounds is (sadly) not the place it used to be. New land-lords took over about 2 years ago and have steadily (in my opinion) destroyed a good local. It still looks fantastic, but the food is now just microwaved frozen food, the 6X has gone as has the guest beers. The football team is no more. The quiet bar now has music (piped). Don't go there!! The Arts Centre on the other hand (St Leonards Rd) is fantastic.
  • Crosses Bar on Peascod Street Vansittart Arms on Vansittart Road (funnily enough) - beer & jazz festival in the Summer
  • The Criterion
    Great, friendly town centre pub. Good beers include Old Speckled Hen, Courage Directors. Good Juke box, and they do tasty pizzas and other stuff. It's on the corner of Peascod Street and Victoria Street (aka Clarence Road).
    The Stag and Hounds
    An excellent place about 1.5 miles south of the town center.
  • Pubs: My favourite is the Hogshead, where I meet all my friends. Being an ex C.A.M.R.A. man, I love the wide choice of beers, and there is Jazz out of season on Thursday nights. Next best place is The Christopher Hotel, run by Carol, whose company I enjoy, but then there is Silvie at the Crown & Cushion, and of course Mick who runs the College Arms has a good eye for the young chicks! Around the corner is The Watermans, which is very family. Then there are a few other places I'm not going to tell you about now, seeing as you are so negative about my home town.

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