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Golfballs by dean carr (Member 10039242) on 5-Apr-2006 new and used balls.
Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 22-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
BBC Documentary Series by Rosie Walsh (Member 10178854) on 3-Mar-2006

I am looking for stories from communities around the UK for an intelligent new series on BBC2 this summer.

Do you want to be able to predict the future? Do you need the answer to something that will affect you, your family or your community?

Perhaps the future of your local school is under threat, or you are awaiting news of a controversial planning application. Or maybe you are electi... more >>
BBC Documentary Series by Rosie Walsh (Member 10178854) on 3-Mar-2006

I am looking for stories from communities around the UK for an intelligent new series on BBC2 this summer.

Do you want to be able to predict the future? Do you need the answer to something that will affect you, your family or your community?

Are you part of a village or town which is involved in something which may affect your future? Perhaps the future of your local school is under th... more >>
Frank Westin by Ron Scott (Member 10137420) on 26-Dec-2005
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Frank. He worked alongside myself in the Harte & Garter Hotel 1988. Would just like to see what he is up to these days.   
  • Re: Frank Westin by Steve Collins (Member 10196859) on 4-Nov-2006
    Hi sorry I dont know Frank but saw the name Hart & Garter, I last has a drink there in 1976, in Australia now, it was cold and snowing then, Bye

  • Re: Frank Westin by Steve Collins (Member 10196859) on 4-Nov-2006
    sorry I meant 1969

HIGH SPIRITS PARANORMAL FORUM. by Dangermouse (Member 10162615) on 28-Sep-2005
If you are interested in the paranormal from WitchCraft to UFO's and want to make new friends and post on a new forum then join then come have a look at this site...thank you for reading this hope to see you soon   
HIP HOP Crew Recruiting by Nathalie (Member 10109907) on 13-Sep-2005
RECRUITING: Regular performances, Masterclasses Promotional work, Professional teaching in Break, HIP HOP, Stunts, Tricks & more, Need to be available Saturdays & weekly rehearsals   
sunny by samantha (Member 10126029) on 31-Aug-2005
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sunny Singh who used to work as a fitness instructor? would love to get in touch with him. He has family who have just emigrated to Canada? He used to work in PWC. Is 32 years old.   
Furnished double room to rent in Windsor by Kate (Member 10158086) on 2-Aug-2005
Furnished double bedroom in 2 bedroom flat. 20 mins walk to Windsor centre. Own bathroom, parking. £550pcm inc all bills except phone. Sharing with prof non-smoking female (26). Available 2 August. Email me on   
guitarist wanted by tony stephenson (Member 10013035) on 4-Apr-2005
any guitarists out there looking to start a band?

looking to create kasabian/happy mondays type sound.

experience NOT important - enthus... more >>
Flat for rent near Heathrow by Mr Dhillon (Member 10147567) on 7-Mar-2005
I have a 2-bed part-furnished flat to rent in Langley. Very convenient location for airport, M4, M25, M40. Only 5 minutes to rail station. It is available immediately and I am looking for £700 per month. If interested, call Mr Dhillon on 01737-837519 or email at   
Sunny by samantha (Member 10126029) on 23-Feb-2005
Does anyone know of a Sunny Singh? well thats what he says his name is. Could also be known as Prabhjot Singh. used to work for PWC. Says he used to live in Reading / Datchet / Uxbridge? He is a con man who takes money from people and then dumps them. If anyone knows him, please be aware of what he is like. Anybody with info, please reply to me via this message board. Thanks   
  • Re: Sunny by vj (Member 10146736) on 24-Feb-2005
    email me at

  • Re: Sunny by samantha (Member 10126029) on 25-Feb-2005
    Hi there Vijay, I dont have an email account set up at present, so any info would have to be submitted here. Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks Sam,

  • Re: Sunny by vj (Member 10146736) on 25-Feb-2005
    How much did you give him?

  • Re: Sunny by samantha (Member 10126029) on 25-Feb-2005
    do you know him? what info can you say about him?

  • Re: Sunny by samantha (Member 10126029) on 28-Feb-2005
    i would be grateful if you could get back in touch with me with some news.

  • Re: Sunny by Sylvie Sokol (Member 10179813) on 14-Mar-2006
    Hi I think I may have had contact with the same Sunny Singh, he is 34 says he lives in Reading and works for PWC.

    Not knowing the details of your experience, all I can tell you is that he seems very keen to meet up with me to start a relationship.

    I do have a mobile number for him, but obviously we need confirm first that it is the same ... more >>

  • Re: Sunny by evko (Member 10171667) on 10-Jun-2006
    Hi Sylvie, I also know a person with the same name who lives in Reading. He also is very eager to date me, I wonder if we are talking about the same person. I dearly hope he is not a con man. Please be so kind as to send me an email to the following address: in order to describe Sunny Singh. I would like to find out more. Thanks a lot:)

  • Re: Sunny by Bonnie (Member 10226470) on 21-May-2008
    Wow, this guy is still up to his old tricks then. I am sure this guy have contacted me through a dating website. I have an email address, mobile phone number and dating website contact details if any of you require them. He apparently works for PWC, fitness coach to underprivileged kids, split from his girlfriend of 9 years and lives with his parents in Old Windsor. Loves his body, well someon... more >>

  • Re: Sunny by Julia (Member 10238220) on 14-Jun-2009
    I've known him for nearly 3 years. I'm sure it's the same guy as all the details of him fit exactly! He's had no money out of me in 3 years though it has to be said....
    If anyone wants to get in touch to compare notes, please do!

  • Re: Sunny by Babe (Member 10239716) on 14-Aug-2009
    Would love to compare notes!

  • Re: Sunny by Julia (Member 10238220) on 30-Aug-2009
    Give me an e mail address & we can.

  • Re: Sunny by maddy (Member 10254972) on 28-Nov-2010
    OMG i think i know this guy too! Have done for around 5 yrs off and on. Add southampton to his list of alleged addresses, although who knows how accurate that is from all the threads above... the whole split from gf etc all seems to fit.

Looking for Guy Hamilton by Jenni Cleland (Member 10146197) on 17-Feb-2005
Hi I worked at Crosses Corner about 13 years ago, for about 8 months, Guy Hamilton was my boss. I lost contact with him and have been trying to track him down. If anyone knows where he is or someone that might could you please let me know.
My name then was Jenni Warren, I'm from New Zealand. I'd be keen to get in contact with anyone else that I met back then too. I lived with Lisa Hill who went o... more >>
  • Re: Looking for Guy Hamilton by Hazel (Member 10110901) on 6-Sep-2005
    Guy is definatley still in Windsor and if you pop to Crosses there will more than likely be someone there who can point you in the right direction.

m by JJ Anderson (Member 10103457) on 14-Jan-2005

Turn £6 Into £10,000 ..Or More!!

Some people think that these so called Ďscamsí are pathetic, but this worked for me, and if it didnít I wouldn't be wasting my time posting it here. MAKE £10,000 WITH JUST £6 AND 6 STAMPS!! YES....IT REALLY WORKS AND IS TOTALLY LEGAL! READ ON... YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! MAKE QUICK AND EASY MONEY Ė THIS ACT... more >>
phyllis wheeler by julie bristow (Member 10048081) on 17-Dec-2004
Looking for information on Phyllis Elsie May Wheeler who lived in Windsor in 1939.   
  • Re: phyllis wheeler by Janet Hicks (Member 10239229) on 27-Jul-2009
    I am trying to find this person, have you had any luck so far?

Need a New Man? by Sapan Ganguly (Member 10037562) on 4-Oct-2004

I've been finding it hard to meet people so I created this site. Its free and always will be.
It runs from my living room so support is limited but you can alway email me if you need help (address on the site).
NEW BBC SHOW by MICHELLE WOODS (Member 10132623) on 22-Sep-2004


If you could do with a chat ove... more >>
Room wanted! by Katherine Boon (Member 10131514) on 20-Sep-2004
Iím looking to move to the Heathrow area, not London side (due to finances! Ė or lack of) on or just before November 20th weekend. I am about to start a new position as a flight attendant. I am looking for a single room, I have all my own furniture except bed and wardrobe but they are not necessarily important as I can get cheap ones. The main factors for me are cost and easy access to Heathro... more >>   
old school friends by John Paton (Member 10131994) on 13-Sep-2004
I lived on an estate up the top of Tinkers lane from 76-83 when my parents moved to devon. Does anyone that went to Alexander first school from 79-83 still live in the area i lived at 46 Basford way next door to the Okinds.   
French for Children La Jolie Ronde by Celine (Member 10130885) on 24-Aug-2004
French classes for 3-11 year olds
Fun and educational activities
Native teacher
Small classes, maximum 12 children
visit for further details
To enrol your child in a class near you, please call Celine on 0208 797 2515 or e-mail
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