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  • The Batsford (Wetherspoons) Good cheap food and beer
  • The Swan used to be a great pub when John Cox's had it. Also when Brian and Joyce took over.
  • Loads, best thing about it. The Batsford - Wetherspoons, cheap. The Spread Eagle - Lively Q's bar, video jukebox, pools tables etc! Thw White Hart - For the stuffy older Chicagos crowd The Swan - Good local pub, lively at the weekend. good sports coverage, The George - Good for oldies and food Sayers - Full of a***holes. The Red Lion - changed owners now owned by right t***er, so crap. The Albert - liveliest pub in witham. Longest running karaoke night in uk. Many more local pubs all a bit samey really
  • As the 'new' landlord at CM8 (the Crotchet) who is just coming up to a year as licensee I was pleased to find a mention on your site. The emphasis is very much on fun now and you are right n saying we have regular live music back again. We feature three or four regular bands on Saturday nights including Robbie Gladwell and Lincoln. Robbie is the backing guitarist for another 'local boy made good' Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel fame and puts on a tremendous display of guitar playing and power ballads more than ably assisted by young Lincoln. Friday night we have a resident DJ playing every era of music but of course due to the new Public Entertainment laws, you are not allowed to move your feet in a rythmic maner to accompany the music being played, as this would constitute dancing and Braintree council disapprove of this (!!!!!) If their isn't a band playing on Saturdays the DJ will always be here, so Friday and Saturday nights are covered!! On a Sunday, same DJ is here offering you the chance to sing along to your favorite songs. NOT Karaoke as, again, Braintree council disapprove of this even though it goes on in nearly every pub in town and I would like to see copies of their Public Entertainment Licences!! Free pool is offered on a Monday night, not even the BDC could moan about that and you will be given the keys to the table so you can play to your hearts content. We have a free Jukebox all day every day, just ask and we'll put the credits on for you! There's also a large screen showing football, rugby, MTV, Playboy Tv whatever you want to ask for!! Quiz night on a Wednesday has had to be scrapped because people just didn't support it. Despite sitting with the contestants several times to find out what they wanted,they found it easier to just not come back. Will try it again in the New Year with bigger CASH prizes and vouchers for free dinners at Bikash Indian Restaurant. On the whole its been a good first year here, hard but good. Witham has some cracking people in it and a bunch of flaming nutters who love to drink (God bless them!!!) If you've not been in yet and I'm the first one to admit that it doesn't look to welcoming from the outside, try it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I try to get to know all the customers names, what they drink and just enough info that I can take the piss constantly. My name is Toby, if you haven't been in yet try it, if you have already, get down here more often and if you're a regular, mine's a pint of Carlsberg, Thanks!!!
  • The Swan! You know the one - right by the mini roundabout near Tommy Tuckers(another story). Not much to say about the pub apart from Sunday and Wednesday night!! This is when, as the kareoke fires up, the finest voice in Witham can be heard!!! No-one should miss this!!
  • If verbal abuse from locals is what you are after - 'Wetherspoon's' is your place.
  • The Crotchet is worth a mention. Everyone will remember it as a gritty pub with down to earth customers. The old carpet is always a talking point in people's fondest memories. It's had 1 refit and 3 redecorations and 2 name changes in this year alone, and numerous holding managers. When it was Jarmyn's it was a very popular place, disco every Friday and Sunday along with the occasional Karaoke night. Now Called CM8(after the postcode), and under new management again, this pubs needs a period of stability. Disco's are back on friday nights there are plans for live music on Saturdays. For the Quiz goer there is one held on a Wednesday, entertaining with cash prizes at the end, but the emphasis is on fun. Let's have the old place back to it's former glory! Please!
  • Albert is yer classic 'youth' pub. White Horse for sensitive 6th formers, goths, rockers and old people. Best pub in the town as I recall it.
  • If you are short, then the Red Lion is the place to go.
  • The George is the best one here. Others are average, poor and terrible.
  • whatever happened to that geordie bloke that got arrested in the George ?
  • The Swan used to be brilliant at weekends, but gone down hill lately. Albert used to be full of tossers. Most sensible people looking for a good night out go to Chelmsford.
  • The staff are VERY friendly at the George - especially Mick the sacked former manager and his various barmaids. He certainly 'spread it about' as they say.
  • White Hart, Lively on the weekend good for twenties & Thirties Any age really!, The Spread Eagle quiet hotel Bar, however they are trying to improve the Town Bar for Weekenders!, The George only recently re-vamped good food, friendly staff! The Red Lion, busy but i don't know how??? The Little elm's weatherspoons Pub-Cheap Cheap good for getting lagged before you go out! There are about another 10 pubs to talk about but most are not worthy!
  • the Albert is ok coz its close to home

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