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  • ello, steve kingett here for a update on what i have been up too for the last year or so, seeing as i was filming something in "Henley on thames", a couple of weeks ago. since the sky thing i have done a Midnight summers night dream, Ireana p (feature film) starring marianne faithfull. Cinderella (ugly sister) various short films and most recently "Clockwork blue", (a play) which was in the stage recently, with mug shots and all...........remember you heard it here first.......steve kingett (semi famous actor.......darrlingggs!!. all for now. steve kingett
  • Dave Munden of The Tremeloes Rock n roll group great drummer lives here. Get onto your local radio station and request some Tremeloe music its great you`ll love it,
  • Dave Munden of The Tremeloes loads of hits from the 60`s/70`s and still playing today across the UK and Europe look on
  • oh, hello steve kingett here (actor) i was just passing thro wokenham a couple of weeks ago and thought it was time for a update for you (you may remember i lived in wokenham, for a couple of years, in the late sixties) well it seems 2005 seems to be my far. since feb this year i have done a short film, played an illegal immmigrant in overlanders (to be realised next year) was in the musical "Lock up your daughters" where i played a drunk "Sotmore", at the epsom playhouse (hic cup!) was in flamenco fever, directed by jim doyle (feature film) and have just done "flash tash records" to be shown on ben tv (sky) later this year. I play a punk in the court its all happning (at last) all for now.......cheers steve kingett
  • David Jackson, former saxaphone player with Van der Graaf Generator lives in Wokingham.
  • I saw Frank Bruno shopping in Waitrose Wokingham the other day. Big fella aint he.
  • Ricky "the comedy legend" Glew lives near Wokingham, u can often find him hangin about with tramps or paying air guitar on the benches in town. He realy is the greatest comedian of out time, and at only 15 surely is a fantastic talent for the future!!!!!
  • I lived in wokingham in the late sixties, till about 1971 (so i was 3, 4) does this count. now an up and coming actor (me steve kingett) who this year (2004) has been on channel 5 (scream history of Anaesthetics) Hospital Porter/patient Just done the edinburgh fringe festival (The queen is dead) I played Kevin a orrible side kick to the main lead. Was in a showcase at the london pladiam, last year (TWO DIE FOR) Treasure Island and a robber in the short film, news 24, so watch this name and space folks........cheers steve kingett (oh yea i live in surrey) but happend to be in wokingham, earlier this year, you know, jus passing......
  • you seem to have forgotton a few, mad micheal,jeremy jones , the black and whites , john the worm , otherwise known as glum,? paddy the blade - (and glen his son- local window cleaners) - how about memhet from applebys? CHATTERS !!!!!jackos mum? dunty , tony harwood and oli (of vic fame) of late there seems to be new spate of wokingham celebs - you know who you are!
  • the girl who plays Izzy in hollyoaks, her parents live in wokingham. her dad is a dentist...Dr Du Toit!!!
  • ermmmmm I SAW DAWN FRENCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!! dnt bump into her u may get stuck
  • Surely one of the best known figures in Wokinghams sporting history is Mr Lee Emmerick,the scourge of the nations lightweight boxers during the 1950's. Between 1945 & 1956 he had a staggering 296 fights,ending his career with a bout against Reading's Kenny Parr at Reading Town Hall. He was Beaten only 8 times and reversed 4 of these defeats.RIP.
  • Lenny Henry + Dawn French nearby
  • Stan AKA topdonimoe himself resides in Wokingham. As head of his fan club, i hope to visit the place someday. If i win the lottery i intend to build StanWood or StanLand as a lasting tribute (in Wokingham of course). We wuv wu Stan, wooohooo :o)
  • NAB-Neil Baylis, head of PE, Emmbrook
  • Garry maloney. Famous from Planet of the Apes amongst other things. Often seen in town centre . has a nice car.
  • Glenn Hoddle
  • Scott and Paul were in a band called Montrose Avenue, got on TFI a couple of times and released an album before Splitting. Scott is now playing guitar in Stereophonics
  • Phil Parkes still lives in 'nam - and I think Ernie Wise used to live nearby (or was is Eric Morecombe?) - until he died, anyway.
  • Pissy Jim RIP Local Tramp who entertained many children during the late 70's and early eighties by drinking meths, sniffing Evo and pissing himself. Sadly died in tragic bonfire accident. Sorely missed
  • Murderer & Janet Very strange couple who used to hang around the town in the mid-eighties. He was a failed boxer, Broadmoor patient and complete nutter and she really was an absolute loon. Many days spent being chased around the back of the Rose and through Howard Park by these two. He had a taste for Tenants Super and once he had a couple of them inside he would lose the plot. What ever happened to them.
  • Team Village Idiots
  • Alan McColm food critic and Sports writer resides on Barkham Ride Wokingham. He can often be seen in the town centre doing what he likes best. Chatting up women. Alan is also an avid golf player.It is said that the four day week was Alan's downfall. He had been used to three.
  • MEE .... Cos I mooved from braknawl ta serious close, an i fink itz grate - So awl yoo wankaz hoo slagoff braknal, wotchit or oil nutcha - roit?
  • Mr Hoddle did indeed live in Finchampstead, up Wick Hill Lane infact, but I am not sure whether he still does. Oh and will someone please shoot John Redwood because he also lives there and he is possibly the most irritating person on this planet. I had lunch with him once, i should know!
  • glenn hoddle can often be seen walking the streets of wokingham, along with other celebrities such as lennie henry.
  • Glen Hoddle lived here until recently (he may still have a house here) That woman who won 500000 off Chris Tarrant lives here (or was it 250000?) Leicester Matson, Rugby Player from New Zealand, currently living in Wokingham
  • Stephen Hughes, plays for Arsenal, went to St Crispins and lives in Bean Oak
  • Lenny Henry and Dawn French used to shop in Waitrose.
  • we've got jimmy savle watching us skate and bloke from emmerdale who plays scott emma from the spice girls and some dude from rolling stone or simmit
  • Jacqueline Bisset used to visit. Her brother, Brian used to live across the road from us (Late '60s/ early '70s)
  • One of Pan's People lives in Crowrthorne.
  • I think there have been some celebrities spotted in Wokingham. In 1990 my friends and I saw Dawn French drive to Waitrose in a red Mazda convertible. Jamie went up to her and asked 'Are you Dawn French?'. Her reply was an enigmatic 'I might be.....'. Supposedly her and Lenny Henry used to shop at Waitrose regularly. I also once heard that the brilliant Paul Parker (Manchester United and England) lived in Woosehill, this must have been in his Q.P.R. days.
  • Phil Parkes, QPR goal keeper used to live down the Finchampstead Road, and used to drink Guinness in the Two Poplars pub.
  • David Thorpe, Motorcross champion also used to live down the Finch, Road.
  • Thingy Redwood, the MP also lives in the posh part of Wokingham, well it's Finchampstead really.

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