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  • Showcase - like all the other out of town showcase cinemas - big, corporate and lacking the little Town centre traditional cinema
  • one near Reading
  • Don't go to the cinema its full of pikies from Winnersh. Go to Reading for a decent flick
  • winnershs show case is gd unless u dnt wanna go out feelin a tad high from the greebs (ROCK ON!) sitin in the back smoking gear!
  • Showcase in Winnersh is good, so is the Warner thingy in the Oracle. UCI in Bracknell is alright too. Those r the three i either use.
  • Ritz was the best and should never have closed - It would be a gold mine these days
  • showcase rocks its huuuge!
  • Well, there is always FIRSTBOWL - a top-notch dive down by the station. You pay 3 to get in, and you're almost guarenteed a fight at the end of the night! They've blown *ALL* the speakers, but that won't stop them playing the latest STEPS/SCLUB 7/NSYNC tune at top whack. Oh, and the pool tables are all crooked. In case you do drive down, make sure you have good insurance - someones car gets wreaked in the fights each week - it's a sort of tradition!
  • closed down - there is one on the winnersh roundabout.
  • firstbowl is the ultimate bowling alley, with a huge arcade section, wimpey restaurant and joining pub. although sometimes filled with young teens this place can provide an extremely good night out. the only drawback is you end up getting extremely drunk and fall into eternity, the dodey nightclub next door.
  • showcase has a wanker called jon allsop there...dont go there
  • Showcase at Winnersh. Point at Bracknell. I prefer showcase, but that is because sometimes you can faredodge the upstairs afternoon performances during the week. I have never tried it, but I never have been asked for my ticket.
  • Like we have a cinema! we have first bowl which is a hive of underage drinking, if u have side burns u get in!!
  • Showcase in Winnersh is you're best bet. Loads of screens and parking spaces.
  • No one seems to have mentioned Aztecs' 10 pin bowling. Its ok.
  • The cinema (Showcase) at Winnersh triangle is much better than The Point in Bracknell, it has bouncy chairs and drinks holders
  • UCI @ Bracknell's Point or a new Multiplex @ Winnersh.

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