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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • the roebuck on a sunday with kirky the dj then on fridays and saturdays with glen dowling djing
  • Best clubs are in Reading Town Centre - Forum, Barracuda, Yatess
  • come on DJ Pete Morgan the best in Wokingham
  • VBAR - better when it was the vic ! although new landlord quite a laugh
  • eternity is one of the best nites out in the south of england! this is mainly due to the fact that every thursday, friday and saturday you will find a tall monkey like person usually dancing to chesney hawkes' "i am the one and only" and then making himself sick outside to then go home and wet the bed. not only that but you will never meet a harder reading football club supporter (also known as stretch or monkey boy), unless you see him running away outside the ground week in week out! 'i'm not bein funny or anything' but........... some1 needs to kick him in!
  • Eternity - frequented by folk that look like they should be at home revising! and the music's shite. (16/01/03)
  • GOD BLESS ETERNITY! sick off all these twats slagging it off. So its a bit rough but if u dont get involved then your not involved!, they all take the piss out of it but they know that when they've had a skinfull they'll end up there!,plus wouldnt be the same without a riot at 2.00 every friday and saturday.
  • Why do people go to eternacheese..WHY!!!!!!!!!!
  • AZTECS is now ETERNITY....Linked to Firstbowl, its not as bad as everyone makes out! It's a challenge to get the staff to smile but you could have fun trying!! Bowling, drinking, pool and a 'Pub to Club' deal...Late night drinking hole on Thurs, Fri and Sat!! Some sexy bouncers too! Clintelle has changed a bit in the last few months...Less MAJOR assholes, just minor ones! Crap DJ has moved to Ianapa that %**& for that! He's been replaced by young london DJ's...mmmmm! 2002
  • clubs are shite full of pikeys and 2 small
  • first bowl is classic. IT HAS BOATS and booze after closing! Eternity - ropey might as well get a cab to the infinitely better sindlesham mill (note: I'm taking the piss)
  • Please somebody, any body, get rid of shiternity, sorry eternity. The only club in town with the most horrendous bar prices, which everyone hates but everyone goes to on a friday or saturday when they get back from Reading. Why is it still here? Stop going and will have to close down! Then maybe someone else will take it over and make it all better!! We can dream!!
  • Eternity aka, Phoenix plasa, aka... damn i have forgotten what it was called before then, but that place has had more names that i have had.... well yeah you know what I mean =)
  • Enternity, formerly known as Aztecs. Every Friday and Saturday you will see a really big man with funny ears called Scott Trusty. Be warned he's a bigger bear than Bonehead
  • I've seen a lot of comments about Eternity Nightclub and whilst I agree with many things in the past I just want to set the record straight. Eternity's new security are far better with no entry policies for the young, the drunk and those out for a fight. The music policy has now changed, House and Garage on a Friday and Commercial Dance and Party on a Saturday. Before, the club would be virtually empty the place is now packed to the roof with clubbers, the busiest being a Saturday - all making for a good night out. Drinks are well priced, entrance is free B4 11 and 3 thereafter - not a lot for a club and if you don't fancy going in early there is a great little pub thing going on in the bowling alley, also on Saturday's many things are given away including, drinks, CD's and other little freebies. Don't take my word for it, go and check Eternity out, especially on a Saturday where the new DJ is much better than anyone before and the night is great fun with a good atmosphere. A good night out without the grief and cost of a trip to Reading.
  • Aztecs used to be the only one - I don't think there are any now - first bowl is shit too.
  • ETERNITY - Well known for its intelligent bouncers, good music & numerous cheery barstaff. Work it out.
  • quite possibly the worst club in the country, eternity is the ultimated shithole, if you want to fight this is the place to go. 90% of the clientel are male gypseys looking to fight with rivals from winnersh, bracknell, etc. the 10% of females in eternity are mainly russian shotputters anyway. avoid this place at all costs.
  • Eternity
  • eternity is ok in wokingham...the only club first bowl 0wns fuck u haters
  • Not clubs ,but searching for that g8'crashable party in the town and surrounding area's. Oh yes you have found it and its full of young-Stars From the local schools [and whats that in their hands] yes their all fucked on Smirnoff Ice and too many spliffs. Oh and its that dj again and he's pissed too, spins a few tunes then puts the strobe on. Calls himself dolphie ?
  • dance music ahhhhhhh
  • Avoid Eternity. It is a bowing alley.
  • Eternity is the ultimate in 'nice' not really happening but 'nice' the DJ's are shit, maybe one day we will see DJ pistol Pete Organ Morgan
  • Oheonix club is now Eternity
  • Aztecs has been transformed with a can of paint to be called Eternity. After you've been there for five minutes, you'll know where the name came from. Do not go there unless you are a) under 18 b) desperate c) very, very drunk
  • Aztecs no longer exists, it is under new ownership and called 'Eternity'. Apparently it is supposed to have gone all classy - like to see how long that lasts for.
  • Aztecs!.......Absolute PANTS! Its more like Kindergarten! Same music, same people who haven't obviously got a life! And as for the Squaddies, WANKERS! Stick 'em on the front lines then we'll see how hard they are!
  • Aztecs is fab, get there early and play pool badly, and annoy the squaddies who will start a fight and weeny bouncers will throw them (and you) out. The fact there are plenty of young girls will attract some men.
  • Aztecs (in the Phoenix Plaza) - Its really great on Saturday nights. They have an excellent DJ, Max Jelfs (my best mate) and I sometimes DJ there as well. Now they have a wicked Electrovoice soundsystem it is much better. The manager, PETE SAUNDERS, is a lovely bloke. Just remind him of the drinking game at Southport.
  • The bloke that wrote about Aztecs is lying. He is obviously biased as he sometimes works there: it is absolute shit and is full of young girls and squaddies.

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