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  • st crispins skate park, generally good atmosphere with a good variations of things to skate, some alreet blocks (however there has been a new apartment block built next to it which does cast shadow over the blocks in the park, so winter months leave it wet and annoying) driveway, miniramp, rails, big bank, stairs
  • Anywhere down crail close or lesley sears playing field, many good memories on fridays and saturdays nights
  • i just moved to wokingham and was wondering where everyone hangs about in evenings and stuff, im bored shitless at the moment here. my mates are all ages away and i have no-one to go out and get pissed with nemore! HELP ME!
  • the victoria arms has now changed, please update your review on theis pub, we have done major work on the inside and outside of this pub also to change its image over the last seven months,
  • Funny but completley out of date. If only Wokingham had a football club it would be good. The whole area has been redeveloped. Bowling has changed hands more times than you update this site. But still not bad
  • hanging around at the showcase cinema was always a good laugh, but you couldn't beat the good old youth club down the Reading road
  • the pheasant pub at winnersh great for under age drinnking. never get asked how old you are. get off you head and no one cares. kerryann toop, tom silk, sabrinnaann toop etc were all there come join us
  • All woosehill lot hang out down by Safeways in Woosehill, yet if u want sumthin a bit more classy then you can hang out down cantley where you see little puffs of smoke from each little group, had some good times there tho!
  • old hangouts were the sheds at the back of blue arrow and old victoria wine and who could forget the pototo patch ?
  • remember the 'graffitti crimewave' of 98/99'? The tag was 'wild' and the paper harped on about it for ages as nothing much happens in wokingham. Even the local police station was tagged. it was daryl west.
  • Safeways is always good fun, leaslie sears playing field is good. hardly anyone ever goes there so u can do what u want. err the old tesco berfore they build the new gym. ermm the field near safeways and buttercups park. Up FINCH its bad always loadza people around and plenty of stuff to do. (only if u been drinking.)
  • cantley park gr8 place to get stoned!
  • the best place to hang around was anywhere in winnersh, i love it !
  • Any person from wokingham will tell you that the park by the old tescos was always full to the brim with youths from all areas of the town, often causing conflict. The youth club down the reading road was a guaranteed youth piss-up and orgy and Nisa park and wasteland were also great to hang around.
  • Winnersh flats mush
  • The Beezers - Home of the legendary CORN BOYZ - What a joke!!!! Good place to get absoultly wasted on cheap cider and buckets
  • Not a place but a guy, Matt Green, wannabe leader of the corn boyz and also wanted to be lead singer of the levellers. One of the coolest rebel tramps in his years at forest, I saw him in applebys the other day begging for half eaten burgers, how the mighty have fallen
  • Lowther Park- Emmbrook Them boys down there could smoke anyone in the old days. Always a bong being passed round there and its not always puff there smoking(c***k)!!!!
  • woosehill was the best meeting point for groups of youths from all areas. Cantley park and heron park, chesnut avenue and Carters steam fair were always eventful for the towns youngsters, even though more oftern than not it ended in violence and mayhem.
  • Many a good time round woosehill getting trashed and causing trouble. Shouts to the sirius crew, woosely crew and north woosehill crew(chesnut lot)and all groups from winnersh, reading, lower early and finch - RESPECT. Cantley fireworks and carters steam fair always eventful for the youth.
  • All the hook - up spots mantioned here are all drug fests and unless u want to end up fucked up, avoid them!
  • Beanoak park, st crispins grounds & ramps, the old tescos car park ermmm where ever the hell we want to! oh and the youth club opposite st pauls and the holt, amazing kebab van.
  • The Crossroads- back in the days. BIG UP THE FINCH MASSIVE!!!
  • leslie Sears playing fields down Eastheath Ave. That and the woods behing Luckley Oakfield school. Get pissed, run away from any passing authority figures then ride your bike home and pretend to your parents that you're sober.
  • For the st crispins massive of recent, the spots had to be The Council Offices opposite Carnival pool about 2 summers ago, and King Georges Field, by st.crispins...Bean Oak like somebody mentioned...Howard park until "somebody" smashed all the lights in. But Cantly is full of those nasty Greebos who are always whining about something.
  • Blagrove Park (lesley Sears playing field) before the exodus to Elizabeth's - underground venue - people travelled miles from all around wokingham to attend this secret spot. Blagrove was featured in the Wokingham Times with the headline "Teenage Vice Den" in its heyday.
  • How can ne1 forget the yoof centre by the Kebab Van (nr Holt)? I spent many a evening in a catatonic state playing footie with local roodies. terrific!
  • wokinghams amazin i moved away from it not long ago and maga miss it!!
  • Utter shite!
  • Outside mace/ 7/11 /searles/ whatever the fuck you want to call it - the ultimate grebo hang out it has several passing 16/17/18/19/20/21 year olds on their way to the pub who might buy you fags or drink - a good selection of weirdos to shout at and very close to a park. What more could a 13yr old want?
  • "Johns"-?
  • Cantley field is always a classic - hundreds of underage brats congregate there EVERY friday/saturday night during the summer, and drink, smoke ganja and ride their stolen 50cc mopeds around.
  • Safeway car park where the pikeys hang out
  • beanoak park - without a doubt you'll find a bunch of shifty teenagers smoking pot- great fun!
  • safeway car park in woosehill offers a hang around place for the pikeys of cirius close based next to safeways itself. blokes range from 16-21 and hang around with girls of about 14 or 15, all of whom have babies. chestnut avenue also offers a place of youth drunkeness and violence. this place is often visited by police on a friday and saturday night.
  • woosehill - there is hella lot of pikes down there fuck woosehill
  • Don't hang their myself, but Young-Star possies have been spotted frequently opposite Carnival Pool on the grassed area
  • dont really matter cos theyve all got a hang up bout something
  • market place on a friday night outside the roebuck bound to see atleast two fights and a stripper. always nice totty who don't mind buying the young lads a drink or two.
  • The Kebab van outside firstbowl. Swigging cans of Kaliber is not recommended since cat-meat should never be eaten sober if you expect to keep it down.
  • Heron park in woosehill, many an illegal piss up has taken part here, getting really drunk and noisy often lead to the local residents coming out or calling the police. The slide is a popular attraction to young pissed up youths especially when you have just forgotten that u took a slash down it minutes before!!
  • we're all a bunch of mashheads, come join in on the fun.The ernies r great and cheap and readily available in the high street ( ILLS ).the pubs r shite apart from the Vic Bar. FREE MATTHEW ROSE!!!!!!
  • If you're under 16, then it seems to be outside Tesco's in the town centre, not the new Tesco's that they're building down the Finchampstead Road. Also, outside the British Rail Station near Big Hand Jobs (Sorry Mo's) .

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