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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • ryan dowling before he went off globetrotting
  • On a serious note though youve got Tony Gubber, lives in Arbor Lane and how about the famous or should I say Infamous McKeller family, Theres Scott, and dont forget Mrs McKeller and Grandma McKeller who used to work in Scoops. And What about the tiny Midget Asian Guy and Indian Mezz,from The Royal India. John who collects the Tescos trolleys, and Icky, The One with the Hat. And last but by no means least Doris now sadly without tash.
  • one major prick is the local joy riding, coke sniffing, bikeriding tosser knowen only as Chris Smith AKA 'Kit'. he is only 14, he has started many a fire every where in wokingham especially up fox hill, and the fields out the back of the shops near the street called 'brookside'. watch out it will be ur car next. o yea, he blows up headgehogs, rabbits and cats.nice fella
  • TARA SCOTT! the weirdo who goes to the holt STAY AWAY FROM HER PPL!
  • wannabee sk8ers are a laugh, oh and pepsi, do that chicken dance!
  • saddos on scooters and people who cant skate but hang out on pathments round beanoak with skateboards. 1 in particular is very entertaining and goes by the name of Allan Pothead cant skate or smoke dope with out passing out what a retard!
  • That tramp in finch and his best mate, who used to call me "grasshopper" they were true bredwin alkys.
  • Spratly, he used to hang about near the chippy in barret cresent, he was a total f(_)( |< !NG nutta =D many a good night was spent shouting at him and then watching him trying to run down the road after you. ahhh those where the days, Also Dogs Breath at the back of beanoak shops, now this bloke was a complete animal, the local kids used to let of fireworks into his garden and then he would leap over his full heigh garden fence like a hurdle! and chase after them! one of the people in my group thretened to rap a golf club round his head, and dog's breath didnt even flinch! if he got hold of you, you were in for a good kicking!, but hey that made u run alot faster!
  • Nope. Wokingham is berift of anything of any redeeming value.
  • Pepsi, everyone's favourite Wokingham nutter...
  • the only street entertainer in wokingham is the old git who collects the trolleys at the local tescos. he is one dirty old homeless dude which brings a smile to the faces of the snobbier folk amongst us.
  • just walk down the street and youll get enough entertainment
  • u mean poor people, sorry only serius close and they shouldn't be let out!!
  • Never seen any. would like to see some.
  • Wokingham has the occasional French market where strange geezers on bikes with hooped shirts and smelling of onions sell real French kit from the back of their deux CV. Good atmosphere with really good food and street entertainment.

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