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  • the one and only roebuck
  • The Warren is a lovely pub on the outer edge of Wokingham.
  • Yeah, loads, it's about the only thing Wokingham does well, I suspect its so people can drown their sorrows :-)
  • The people in Wokingham who go to the pubs all look about 12
  • I had a 'gig' at The Redan recently. I must admit the vibes were not good after reading comments off this great site. I wish my agent had done his homework! On the subject of homework - I think that's what the bar staff and audience should have been doing! I don't do Girls Aloud.........I'm 39 yanno! Mwah!
  • yeah gd pubs which serve to minors ALWAYS!
  • The molly millar deserves and even bigger WAHAY than the ship!!!! How perfect is a pub that is RIGHT next to the train station. A great crawling oppertunity. Plus the best slippery nipples in the world, and there is a difference!!
  • If your under 18 the best drinking spot in town has to be the redan!
  • Everyones 15!!!!!
  • Everyones 15!!!!!
  • two pops was good until some old woman took over and introduced a pole for dancin! i'm sure the girl dancin will really bring in the customers!
  • Most pubs in Wokingham town centre have a peter pan clientele. Grill Bar is pretty good, as is the Molly Millar (got rid of that stupid Big Hand Mo's monicker!). The Redan is good for lunch and does a really good liver and onions served in a giant Yorkshire pudding. 16/01/03
  • Roebuck and v - bar for chelsea skinheads and travellers. Best pubs are the hope, raglan, molly millers, two pops and redan.
  • Roebuck and v - bar for chelsea skinheads and travellers. Best pubs are the hope, raglan, molly millers, two pops and redan.
  • All the pubs are full of dicks
  • What is wrong with the pubs being full of youthful people, we've all had a few drinks when we looked very youthful, its a right of passage. And pubs which are full of OAP's (people over twenty five) are what keep pubs going, by eating food. I don't want to take my wife out to a pub full of people all standing up staring at each other, loud music, and no food. I want to have a chat, eat food, enjoy the company of other people. This can easily be achieved in the Metropolitain, red lion, lord raglan , crispin etc... But youthful people are always seeking excitement, thats what being youthful is all about, before the cruel world kicks the life out of you, and makes you look forward to scampi and chips at the bullfinch. Which is a nice wlk over the fields with the dog on a saturday morning.
  • The two pops was brilliant about 7 years ago, but has never been the same since.
  • Molly Millers has re-opened, although the landolord (Alex) IS a pratt.
  • Leathern Bottel used to be packed with nice young/old people and families all happily drinking together. The Staff were excellent, beer good, events fun.... Then more and more people started going to Reading and the pikeys moved into the Leath. Now its closed and will re-open againn in jan 2002. Lets hope it can get back on track.
  • The pub formally known as Molly Millars which changed it's name to Big hand mo's good time emporium, has changed its name again. No longer does it look like a spotty american teenagers closet, full of junk e.g. large inflateable baseball bats, balls, american footballs and bubblegum cards of ice hockeys true heroes. It has gone back to the old school, well, the name has anyway. It is again known as The Molly Millar but now looks like a modern kitchen showroom or maybe the Landlord had a couple of thousand pounds worth of vouchers to get rid of in ikea. Anyway beside the pool tables and its handy location, the bad points including the very unwelcoming approach adopted by the landlord and the furniture which looks like it got rejected from a modern art exhibition this pub is ideal.
  • pubs are great on friday and saturday night
  • Bar Frogs on London road has a lovely welcome "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, there you are!"
  • If you are young and would like an alcopop or maybe a lager shandy The Rose is probably the best place to go!! Look out though they now have scary looking doorman to contend with so boys and girls, remember the date of birth on your ID card and what starsign that makes you!! If your looking for a fight then try the Roebuck or the Redan there is usually someone around who will be up for one!! If its a decent pint you are after with pool and a jukebox the Raglan is the place to be, that is if you can get to the bar past the regulars!! GORDON, STOP PERVING AT ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS!! Let them drink in peace!!
  • Well for me my favorite pub was the Redan =) but before i moved out of 'Nam it was the Tavern. oi oi Clive ;D
  • Ye Olde Leathern Bottle - took my daughter there for a birthday meal and wish I hadnt! Urine smell in entrance. Broken, blocked & dirty toilets. Vague service. Lukewarm food. Had to send back deserts & coffees. We used to come here often - but not anymore. Maybe due to new management?
  • The Lord Raglan or the raggers, proper drinking mans pub. The landlord has fingers like bannanas, not a good idea to mess. Yet again scott trusty is a regular face, as well as Danial Fynn, ex-pool captain, who really likes aramani cloathes
  • When out in Wokingham, beware of Scott "the wooky" Trusty who is always roaming around usually very drunk. He can be found in the Lord Raglan which is like a second home to him. You cannot miss him he is about 9 foot tall and has very long arms (also called Mr Tickle) Don't be scared of him, he is a monstorous size but completely harmless.
  • Hmm, well The Rose is always a popular spot for the younger face of Wokingham, and the Quiz night on Thursdays has questions specially tailored for those who haven't been around since the 70's.... The Roebuck is a cheap alternative to watching Ultimate Fighting Championship on cable - bring your own broken bottle though!
  • The Two pops is the best pub there is in Wokingham, although nowadays that place attract s filthy pikeys from Gorse ride.
  • Go to the Vic to see "Dave 'n' Andy" camping it up. Dont forget your whistles!
  • the vic - all sniffling in tissues selling the big issue, big hand mos-kevs and garys
  • The Grope, or Hope and Anchor has recently changed management, and seems to be on the up, definatley worth a visit. Keep away from the Rose in the town as once you are inside the sticky carpet will keep you there.
  • wokingham is the probably the best place in the country to do a pub crawl.although many are dirty old mans pubs, theres about 10 pubs in the town centre alone, leading to firstbowl the bowling alley which is open till 1.00am. the lord raglan by far being the best pub with a lively crowd. this pub has quite possibly the best juke box selection i've ever seen. stay away from such pubs as the roebuck and the v-bar unless you have a skinhead and support chelsea. these are ultimate fighting pubs. ar
  • The Leathern Bottel may be a little out of town but it is a great pub. The beer garden is the biggest and best in Wokingham and is heaving right from april to September. The staff are freindly and always happy yo help and theres even an indoor kids area. Check out quiz night on a Tuesday for free chips and the chance to win free drinks and money and watch out for theme nights and BBQ's in the summer!
  • Ye Olde Leathern Bottel, bit out of town and full of the woosehill crowd, good quiz on tuesdays, kids area is cool, friendliest pub I have been in, new managers taking over soon, should be interesting.
  • BIG HAND MO'S is the only good pub in wokingham First bowl is also blazin
  • Well a pint in Wokingham Cricket club has been 1.90 for quite a while and this ain't Fosters, but superb Grolsch ! oh perhaps you can get good beer somewhere else ?
  • plenty enough to support everyone
  • The White Horse. Tom, I love you, mate! Keep that pub lovely and we'll keep coming back to fill your coffers! At the risk of being barred from the Horse, I would also recommend the Lord Raglan for Pool and Sky Sports as well as LOTS of room and two separate areas. The Broad Street Tavern is a really nice place to have a drink and is usually well frequented. The Redan is not too bad, but sometimes you can play 'spot the legal drinker' and have a tricky game on your hand. Pool is cheaper there than at the Lord Raglan. Oh, go to the Crispin to see Andy when it opens again in March. I would like to say that there are 28 (twenty eight) pubs to test in Wokingham. I challenge ANYONE to crawl them all in one go!
  • The Rose:- Average drinking age 12. The Vic:- Full of gays. Firstbowl:- Good if you like smoking, drinking and late night fighting.
  • The Rose is the pub for the youth element. The under age drinkers should head for the Redan. Rumour has it that they will be serving rusks instead of crisps behind the bar. Big Hand Mo's is good for a pint before you shoot off into Reading as it has pool tables. The Ship is OK. The Broad Street Tavern is new and a bit swanky with a good beer garden and is a good bet for the older drinker.
  • I think that the best thing about Wokingham is the Queen Victoria pub, with it's friendly staff and laid back attitude. The toilets are always worth a visit - I think that anyone would be suprised at how much time people spend in them. They really are a crowd-puller - especially in such a small village pub - I love going in to powder my nose.
  • The Ship serves a fine pint of Fullers and has a mighty fine quiz on Sundays.
  • You may moan about the Duke's Head but at least you can always get a seat! One thing though.... don't bother with their quizzes if you're under 25 years old...... all the questions are definitely aimed at the slightly older clientele.
  • Hope and Anchor is adead loss since its refurb early 1998. Queens head is the renowned home of the anorak just fresh from trainspotting at the level crossing. the ship is busy even on a Monday night. Two poplars have flogged their bar billiards. The only reason to go now is the draught Speckled Hen.
  • The pubs seem to be populated by under 18's or perhaps I am just showing my age
  • The Broad Street Tavern has opened recently and the ale (if you like that kinda thing) is supposed to be excellent (Wadworth house). The Ship is still the most expensive pub to drink in and The Redan still full of kids. And as for the Metropolitan......I don't think so......
  • Best pubs: The Queens Head and The Ship. Worst pub: The Hope and Anchor -- it used to be known as the Grope and Wanker when I was at school in W'ham in the 70s/80s. Also try The Dukes Head (Denmark St.?) - another place that was good - had Speckled Hen. The Two Poplars (Finch. Rd.) used to have good beer and a quiet room with a Bar Billiards table in it.
  • The Hope and Anchor is getting better, or at least the people who drink in there. Admitedly there's still the odd wanker that gets in there, but much alcohol gets consumed seven days a week & all the Forest Old Boys rugby team drink down there (if you fancy a game get down there).
  • Check out WTFC club house, great beer reasonable prices friendly staff, good food and a view of the pitch, what more can I say?
  • Remember the Molly Millars Pub, next to the station? Well now it's called Big Hand Mo's Good Time Emporium - yes really. Its gone all plastic and plush with mega TVs showing SKY, MTV etc.
  • The Lord Raglan had been about the best pub since the Lethern Bottle was converted into a restaurant...

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