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Arts, crafts and such
  • Theres a craft fair at the Lighthouse on the 10th March 2012 from 10 - 4 Will be full of everything hand made that you can imagine. I will be there myself with my range of Gothic & Alternative fashion jewellery at really cheap prices - hope to see you there
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery biggest collection of Pop Art (other than the Tate), loads of intersting stuff and you can laugh and make noise
  • Innovative Tribal Belly Dance, thats me i teach and perform in wolverhampton, for 3 yrs now i've been teaching. i also give lessons on meditation mysticism it helps the progress of the dancing.. i'm sure you've heard of American Tribal Belly Dance, well its that with some innovation and links to spirituality..
  • Art Gallery..I've never been there tho.
  • wolverhampton art gallery [obviously], and hobbycraft in wednesfield
  • the art gallery is always worth a look.
  • w-ton art gallery is great!
  • penny farthing and rowfers are good for people who wish to buy things that smell like a hippy comune
  • There is a really good gift shop in the Antiques Market in Wolverhampton called 'Charmed', right at the far end. You just go into the main market and downstairs then walk straight to the end of the hall and look to your left. It's quite hard to find but it's worth it! They sell loads of different stuff like candles, incense, fragrance oil, simmering granules and just loads of different things I've never seen anywhere else, and the prices are really good as well!
  • The Art Gallery is on the up, and it's a nice place to get away from the dickheads on the street for half an hour. A definate haven in such a dump.
  • in the town oops, i mean city, theres a pocky little art gallery, its cute
  • Art Gallery has some good stuff on . Wolverhamptons generally good for art and has one of the best fine art departments in the university that you can get. Shame about the rest of it
  • Penny farthings and equinox both class places 2 spend cash u aint got
  • Wolverhampton is pretty bereft of art and culture - although the art gallery sells nice cake
  • A couple of decent ones in Dudley St, where your gran will find a nice tearoom too ;)
  • lots of little diddly shops hidden away, but none of them is truly exeptional. the art gallery is exluded from this as it is expensive rubbish. 8 for a book of david roberts postcards? the phrase "retail burnout" applies here
  • art gallery - shop = arty pricey tosh (oh sorry, yes its an art gallery isn't it)
  • Town art gallery

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