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Cheap Food
  • Lazeez.
  • Be v carefull about visiting King Cod in Bilston High Street next to Wetherspoons the man who owns it is sound and the food is ok but theres a younger guy who helps in there and looks like someone has been chopping firewood on his face. He will try and rip you off or cheat you in some way i dread to think how many customers they are losing because of this tosser. Avoid Bilstons Perfect Pizza too they think its funny to burn every thin crust you order then when you complain they tell u it shud be burnt because its thin crust, they also buy there ingredients from Lidls too, not nice at all :(
  • DO NOT EVER! go to McDonalds in Bilston trust me you think you have been to McDonalds in the past that are bad? this one takes the piss the food is crap and the service is absolutely terrible i have seen more intelligent life forms in my toilet. You only have to stand in there for 5 minutes (not that theyre ever that quick) and you will see some angry customer be complaining about not given the right order. They tend to do this more on the drive thru cause they think you not gonna drive back then when you get home.They only ever have 1 till open even at busy times and they dont even notice you are waiting to be served they just chat to each other about there days out in the sunshine Bus.
  • maccys, its a good hook up, u can get an adult happy meal, u get medium fries medium drink an a burger/nuggets for 1.99!
  • McDonalds :P
  • charlies chip shop, best chips ever
  • McDonalds in Bilston has the most retarded Staff in McDonalds history and i really mean that, you can guarantee your order is never correct and service is about as slow as John Inman running the Marathon.
  • King Cod
  • southern fried chicken shop on the corner of victoria street, cheap and tasty
  • Made in Thai is gorgeous, Casa Pepe in Chapel Ash is great but I',m not sure if it does lunch times. The indian in chapel ash - has a yellow sign, is beautiful food - and cheap - can't remember its name.
  • The Royal London.
  • latuskes is now shut down
  • ASDA! don't ever overlook the marvels of asda! a 74 pence sandwich is where the world is finally going right. and if you top that of with a litre bottle of cherryade for 34 pence just because you can you'll be a man my son!!!
  • TOP NOSH!!!!!!!! Five item brekkie, for 1 pound 50, and it really is all day.
  • number one pizza well cheap pizzas before 9pm
  • Pizza Hut, for the lunch time eat all you like for a fiver. The Imperial, stuff your face and keep going up to top up until you burst!
  • go to tiger wok off compton road, the best thai food anywhere!
  • Hello Allinson I was in Wolverhampton on Friday night and decided to try the Bilash in the city centre. The food was excellent and such a change from the usual 'driiping in ghee' style Indian restarants but the service in this establishment is the worst I have ever encountered, in any type of restaurant. The restaurant has a lovely light airy feel with reasonable table spacing, although it is small. We had not booked but a table was being prepared as we arrived. The girl who showed me to my seat, while my wife went to the toilet, was one of the most unhappiest people I think I have ever come across and I was dying to ask her if she had ever had cause to smile in her lifetime. This girl spread my napkin over my lap but looked as if she was in such pain I really wish she had not bothered. My wife was not extended this service, in fact from this point onwards there was no service and the experience was that of a ' takeaway'. After waiting around 15 minutes for someone to take the order and after running out of hand signals to attract attention, I had to go back to the bar to ask for a waiter to come to our table. The attitude of all the staff that we came across can only be described as bland, it was if there had been a huge argument with the staff before we arrived. This was not a happy restaurant or work force and it showed. The main problem is that there was no one present in the restaurant who had any charisma. This coupled with waiters rushing around as if the restarant was on fire introduced chaos into what should have been a relaxed atmosphere. Why do waiting staff and mangers feel that it is efficient to rush, all it does is prevent staff from watching diners and failing to see people asking for service, as we were. Our starter arrived and it was excellent but again it was served without any panache, style or even interest. Four empty wine glasses spent the evening sharing out table with a wine menu, no one at any time even asked if we would like a drink. I gave up trying to attract anyones attention in the end. A restaurant of this standard should at least train waiters to remove glasses that are not going to be used or even suggest may be that they could be filled with something to drink! I have been eating in Indian restarants for 44 years and I have never come across a restauarnt were waiters did not ask if you would like a drink or even if you were enjoying your meal. Even when paying the bill, no one even enquired if we had enjoyed our meal and i would not have expected them too because as i have already pointed. here is a restaurant that has little or no interest in its customers. For instance a new table cloth was provided on the table but the large area of blue stains on the wall would take a matter of seconds to remove with a coat of emulsion. Getting the bill was another trying experience. I eventually got the manger over and asked if we could possibly have a drink of water. After another 5 minute wait I just gave up and went and paid the bill at the bar. Interestingly the manager could remember my wife having a glass of wine when she arrived but he couldnt remember that I had asked for a glass of water 5 minutes beforehand. A restaurant with great potential in need of a complete staff change or some serious customer service training.
  • Oregano's Pizza rule
  • Macky D's
  • nandos the imperial
  • delifrance, the imperial under beatties, good chinese. pepitos is overpriced but delish
  • For a nice alternative to greasy artery trashing kebabs after a night out on the piss go to The Pork Joint. You can get a nice succulent pork bap with stuffing & gravy, you can actually eat it and wake up the morning after without feeling like the most unhealthy fat bastard in the midlands. however if you are not too legless and fancy a trek to chapel ash,turkish delight is pretty gud for burgers and other stuff that you can puke up after the taxi journey.(its also v.easy to get a taxi down their just make sure you dont get ur chips robbed off you by a big ghetto black reans scrubber other than that you will be fine)
  • the bilash just the best
  • maccy d's burger king near wednesfield cinema complex we all meet up there after it tastes beautyfull! keep it up burger king! kfc is a yummmy place to eat i love it! finger lickin good!
  • MACDONALDS!!!!!!!
  • ali kebabish was our old hang out before they banned us and then closed down (possibly due to lack of business as people always used to nick traffic cones and cone off the door to the shop on a saturday night for a laugh) sizzler's on the other side of the road makes a darn good pizza i believe. the kebabs are edible aswell which is also a bonus for a kebab shop. the chips from turkish delight are always too hot. and they never cool down.
  • John's Balti is a must for all drunks needing a Vindaloo at 2am. Other curry houses worth a mention - The Standard, Habib (expensive but fantastic), Panahar (but has neon green nuclear mint sauce with your popadoms
  • Marcos is excellent. There food gives good value for money.
  • the flaming turk does a great kebab
  • SIZZLERS! The best in Wolverhampton for kebabs and pizzas! Often visited on a saturday night by groups of drunken idiots. Namely Joe, Mat and Ben.
  • Vincents in Darlington Street does good baked potatoes on a lunchtime, and wicked pasta and noodles of an evening.
  • The Memshabs in compton
  • mc donalds burger king pizza hut
  • Darlington St & School St - large range of foriegn cuisines. My fave is Made in Thai on Darlington St - delicious Thai food, charming waiters.
  • subway
  • try vincents in darlington street,does mean stir-fry noodles
  • The city's Mac D's is always heaving but check out the stall selling doughnuts on the main high street, they're lush.
  • Vincents is a fantastic restaraunt/cafe to try,it serves high quality stuff!!
  • Best Fish and Chips has to be in Stavely Rd. The Fleur de Lys in Whitmore Reans. It always sounded like the bloke at the counter used to ask me if I wanted "Sauce and Vinegar when he probalbly meant salt and vinegar. Anyways great chips, better than the yellow ones you get at Fishers in New Hampton Rd.(which are still good mind you.)
  • Eating in wolves not advisable, Typhoid and cholora are rife in the immigrant Population, Not to mention V.D Picked up in a totally different way.
  • For Italian, it has to be Cataldo's on School Street. Quality food, quality service, ambience, etc... The Bilash on Cheapside is the best curry house, although a little expensive. Made in Thai, on Darlington Street, is worth a visit if you like Thai food and Singha beer.
  • Laz's kebab house opposite the university. I was once nearly hospitalised after one of his specials.
  • Best value food in Wolverhampton (next to Latuskes in King St) is the Great Western on Sunn St, by Low Level Station. Apart from serving "pork Jumbo's" -whole pigs in baguettes for ridiculously low prices, and "buckets of peas", it's been "Pub of the Year" several times and has the best kept Bathams and Holdens in the Black country (IMHO). Oh, and bottles of Mackie for a quid if you're lucky
  • Try the Oakley in Brewood, just a few miles out.
  • Kings Jazz Bar is pants with a capital P. I'm forced to go there habitually every month with my maniac family and eat their revolting grub. I had a chicken burger that was so dry I could suck up sand with it. However they seem to think you've been starved of chips for a century so take the oportunity to stuff your pockets full, oh and don't order coke, it's blantently soda stream and that weird moving poster is starting to annoy me. Only go there if you're off your face, you have been warned, there are demons in here.
  • The chicken tikka in naan bread from the Horizon Kebab House is the best late night takeaway I've ever had - almost haute cuisine. They even taste good when you're sober.
  • Cracking kebebs down broad street but not on a sat night when it's full of canal type wankers
  • walkabout! nice food and loads of it
  • The Bilash Tandoori is a fine restaurant specialising in Bangladeshi/Indian cuisine. My choice any day
  • Everybody needs a little KFC Word to all the staff at the Drive through
  • Acropolis - if you fancy being made to dance on the table in your underwear (to some people that's a night out) Umpteen curry houses Dodgy kebab places abound as well
  • A good nosh at lunch time is Pizza Hut, with its "eat as much as you can" buffet.
  • Fish and chip shop in Merryhill
  • Try the Bilash Tandoori on Cheapside, really fresh, different GOOD food.
  • The pubs such as Yates or rothwells.
  • Fantastic Balti and Indian restaurants - one of the best baltis (and cheapest) is 'Punjabi Dhaba' on Cleveland Street.
  • McDonalds, Dudley Street, also Burger King. Wimpy on Queen Street.
  • Jays Cafe in Stafford Street must get a mention too as it serves the best ever b.e.s.t sandwich known to man, directly over from the Poly.
  • If you want the best kebab, it simply must be Caspians; although I now hear Lazeez is well respected.
  • The Panahar for curries is a must, and the pleasure of the Molineux makes you feel all warm inside.

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