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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Royal London.
  • Gorgeous - great gay nightclub, amazing DJ's, friendly, relaxed, safe Pink Flamingo Gay nightclub - loud and dancy for the younger crowd
  • planet
  • Unfortunately, Blast Off is the best night and thats shit. Atlantis sucks so bad. Attracts all the dickheads and slags.
  • oceana
  • oceana U18'S teen nation
  • ok so we have quite a few places in wolvers for under 18's like: KORRUPTION at the giffard arms every other friday (relaunched soon) its like £3 or £4 in and 7:30 - 11:00 (rock, emo, metal, goth, ska, punk... ect) DISORDER with DJ Gloomcookie @ The Planet Westbury Street Wolverhampton £2 on the door 7pm to 11pm! MOTH every saturday at the planet £1 2pm - 5pm meet up with your mates have a dance stay dry when its raining.... OVER 18'S chech out - the spookyest pub in town!!! and - known for the pink and blue cup promotion £10/£15 for the cup and free refills all night!!!!!! for two of the best clubs in town!
  • You should go to generation(geno) every month it's liek thu best!!!
  • The White hart is cool, its a gay bar but straight friendly. They are open untill 2am on the weekend with excellent live dj's on friday and saturday night. White Hart T-shirts available @
  • planet, and geno
  • Witherspoons in Bilston is good for a Punch Up on the WBA/ Wolves Derby day but hide all your Weapons inside because the Police will wait outside for you and when they cant nick you for anything they wil just arrest some innocent Passers by instead.
  • theres a jamaican placein bilston near the big music shop. its ok if you like that sort of thing - all dance music and reggae.
  • The rising Star night club in Bilston
  • Corrosion/Blast Off at Civic Hall, every month. Blast Off is every Saturday, but once a month, Corrosion is put on in the adjoining Wulfrun Hall. entry is the same price, £5. but you can wander freely between the 2 rooms. Corrosion is mainly metal/punk, Blast Off tends to be more indie/rock based. its class. The Planet was also pretty cool, but management changes mean that The Canal Club is kinda the new Planet, and now the Planet sucks.
  • There are a couple of good bars around Bilston.
  • aaahhhh! ahem ahem..... here yee here yee BLAST OFF ROCKS FROM HERE TO HIGH HEAVEN! atlantis is bearable when you can't see or hear! but blast off sure does rock i tell thee, one is just saying if you want to meet friendly humans you'll see them in blast off! cheekies is good yet slightly repetitive if you hav "general slag hate syndrome" it probably won't be your cuppa tea! but its good fun it does get let down by twerps but hey they gotta live somewhere! i hear the light bars decent i just can never find it so get solid directions before you go seeking it out! o'neills is gud as is walkabout if you don't go up there that much and if your looking for somewhere to just chill and hang out pop into the royal london! place for the royal of wolverhampton!
  • For Under 18's try Generation, one Friday a month, Wulfrun Hall, £5 entry. Usually nedd tickets in advance from The Little Civic.
  • Cheeky's. Club night every Friday at the Civic Centre, sometimes called 'Cheeky Monkey' by people who aint got a scooby what they are talkin aboot. Real mix of people, from people who look about 10 and only got in cuz they ahd their sisters driving licence, to shiny 19 year old lads who can't dance, all the way up to 40 year old women who grope the people who mop the spilt drinks up. Nice.
  • cheekies on a friday is a must; i know it plays the same cheesy eighties music, in the same order, every week and your sure to get hit on by a sleezy 45 year old man but its gotta be done! a word of warning - make sure your off your face before you enter the building
  • xtra on fridays light bar
  • Only been to Wolvo a few times and I think the places we went to were: The Little Civic - Cheeky Monkies - Blast Off (Wicked!) and I dont know how to spell it but I think it's the Varcity. All places were fantastic except for Cheeky Monkies (I think they call it) on a Friday Night that is spoiled by a few idiots giving the place a bad name.
  • planet,royal london,varsity well its got took ove by chavs now,walkaobut other than that birmingham
  • New York New York is a new retro nightclub above CRC (the old Chicago Rock Cafe site), opened in Dec 2004, has the orgional 70's dancefloor thats lights up and changes colour etc, really cool, no trouble, classie venue. They play 60's soul, 70's disco funk, 80's soul disco and 90's classic dance and r&b reaally sexy mix.
  • canal club re opening check out following article,now the club has re opend there will be world class djs here with sundissential,slinky and other top nights to be anounced soon,this amazing venue has been totally refurbished and will be no 1 club in uk very soon
  • Flares, 70's music enjoyed by every age range, ie 18 to 50. Can sometimes have a few nerds in but is worth it for the music. Atlantis, very popular, especially amongst the young. Walkabout, popular again.
  • There is a gay bar in wolverhamton called the sky club, it uesd to becallled the silver web,it's on whitmore street from the inside it's out dated from the 70's, from the inside it's been painted black,the loo's don't work,its cold, it used to be free entry some years ago, sure it a place for students but students want up-to-date clubs. the price for a pint is 2 pound 70, the bar staff are nice, but betty and norman the owner of the sky club are old people in there 70's and it has not even chnged since the past 35 years plus they have got a crap web site which has been redirected.
  • gotta b sky club!! its a gay bar but there is room 4 str8 ppl too. cheap drinks n wicked music!!
  • Blast Off at the Civic. Can't believe no one mentions this. Best rock night in the country!
  • Planet for Rock music, Canal for drum and base
  • Geno sucks. Every1 cool just goes to get pissed and still get let in. I have seen sum1 fall over at the entrace and still get in.
  • gos theres loads,varstiy,royal ondon,blast off,the planet and walkabout on tuesday nights
  • Erm Atlantis if you want to pull like 15 or 16 year olds!
  • atlantsis revouloutions yates edwards goose in the city cube walkabout flares how i now all of these at fifteen? who knows!
  • bring back slackers in the molineux terrace bar, that was a quality place to drink foul cheap vodka drinks and dance the night away - theres no reason to do anything on a thursday. also i hear city bar has stopped their wicked ska punk night on a tuesday, which is a shame
  • SKY CLUB (silver web) ok well the place still has got the best music nicky is a good dj he nows how to fill his floor all night with dance clasics and cheesey music well done nicky i have bin told he owns the sky club that why the name change any way still wolverhamptons best and only GAY night club keep it up sky
  • Atlantis. Its just the bomb :) Safe DJ's too.
  • blast off and corrosion on a sat at the civic is a great nite out
  • Best Indie and Rock clubs are Blast off(Saturday nights at the civic) and the planet. Cheeky monkeys(Friday night at the civic) is cool too.r
  • sky club wolverhampton cheap drinks friday before 1030pm yes Norman and Betty are still there with new staff Jonathon and Sue and Dee on saturdays bad news Nicks still DJ'S go and see them all.
  • ATLANTIS! without a doubt THE best place to be on a thursday night!
  • This is (n't) Final Splat! The Jamplant Expansion - Revolution Unplugged! Every Monday night - including skank holiday monday May 26th! @ Revolution Vodka Bar, Princess Street, Wolverhampton. an Evening of Music (more of a Soirée really) with the Jamplant Expansion and featuring Heretic Gyros Free! (plus Love, nice smells and general tomfoolery - an ol' amigo of ours) Join the Acoustic Eclectic! Free! Bring your instrument or just your good self and come and play with us - but turn up early to avoid dissapointment! Open mic sessions during the evening. If you've got rhythm come along and grab a tambourine! (or some bongos..oo-er..) P.S. It's getting pretty popular right now, so it might be a good idea to let us know you want to come and play so.. 8 till L8 and it's Free! Live curiosities brought to you from the wilds of Bushbury and other really exotic places No Expense Spared! (cos we had no expenses to spare) Lots more to follow - new nights planned soon! an acoustic compilation C.D. of a selection of the truly wonderful artists that are emerging from this place. Possibly also a tour and free festival soon too! Contact Barrie 01902 577824 / 07763415801
  • clubs are crap full of "i am god" black bouncers doing the whole gangsta got a pull a white woman drive a bmw car type thing. Watch out they will let in white women and black men but can be rascist to Asians , whites and oriental
  • Atlantis is a good place to go.Warning though! There are a few stuipd boys who go there to tell just to tell you how many girls they got off with the next day.
  • Atlantis and genaration are the only ones I know of and atlantis is ok. Just beware of people who think there sex god's because they get off with one person there.KOB.
  • Wouldn't class it as Dance Music Club, but then I dont go in for all that big box little box sh1t. The Civic hall on a Friday (Cheeky Monkey's) or a Saturday (Blast Off) is the best night out in Wolves. Go retro at Cheekies and scream lyrics from the 80's in a drunkern haze, or go chuck yourself around to the decent Grunge and Indie sounds of early 90's at Blast Off. Booze is pretty cheap - average £1.70 a drink, and usually something on offer. One week they were getting rid of Worthington at 50p a pint.
  • what can you say? if you want cheap drinks and great music until 12 then heroes is your place. its ace!£1 a shot or 6 for a fiver most nights, and theres loadsa cocktails you can choose from but it normally takes a while to get served. pretty hot on ID so if u aint got any i wudnt bother goin!great place to have a laugh though! just round the corner is Atlantis. i love this place-great music and plenty of fit blokes. gets quite full, especially in the 80's room on a saturday night. Quite pricey on the drinks aswell so its best to get tanked up in heroes beforehand (not too wasted though or the big guys won't let you in). O'neills gets packed but theres good music and next door there's flares which is pretty cool, but i think someone got stabbed there once. cheeky monkey's in the civic should probably be avoided(unless your wasted with a load of mates and you can't hear the music or see the people). its a lot like a school disco. blast off is full of greebs so thats not my kinda place.
  • Good old blast off at the civic hall, populated by plenty of youthful looking characters.
  • If you are an indie fan, Blast Off at the Civic would have been your best bet, but since that's been taken over by Ben Sherman shirt, Rockport boot wearing pricks you're better off in Birmingham.
  • There are plenty of clubs if your into 70's and 80's music i.e O'Neills, Walkabout, Atlantis but since the demise of The Canal, The Light Bar and the mezzzanine there have been no top quality dance clubs. Blast off is a good night out and there is never any trouble in there either.
  • the Planet - Punk, ska, rock, also free in on a saturday nite corrosion, £5 in!!!!! at the civic hall every month.
  • club roar in bilston on saturdays is brill
  • fuck atlantis/the beach/decadance. places for gutter meat who wear thigh high skirts in the dead of winter.try the civic on a saturday if your a's the only place you'll get i without looking or smelling like a prozzies arse.
  • Check out The Light Bar although the cobble stone dancefloor isnt too great.... Depot at the old canal club is gonna be fab, and Decadence on the road with all the chip and kebab shops is totally swish. Casa is also there for all you who like a more upmarket venue.....
  • Decadance is worth more than a look. Postmodern, lavish, quirky, relaxed. It's bit expensive but worth the extra as someone else has spent a lot of money getting this right. Packed out, even on a Tuesday(sometimes).Just opened, last month, so lets hope they keep up the standard. Did I mention its better than any equivalent venue in Birmingham? Beware club owners, punters will expect this from now on.
  • The best club has to be the beach!Cheap and full of fit lads,so ladies get your arses down there this weekend
  • clubs blast off is ythe place to be on saturday night if you want a cheep night out and listen to indie music.. £5 in or £4 with N.U.S good rock night slacker at the terise bar molinux a.k.a the wolves ground cheep beer also!!! both nights are 18+
  • Atlantis is ok i spose but i'm more of a pub with a l8 licence person
  • Loads of trendy dance clubs, rock clubs v thin on the ground. All shut!!
  • Kings Bar has now changed its name to city bar! it does a good drum and bass night on a friday, however, there is also another drum and bass night at the canal club on a friday night with the likes of Goldie and Nicky Blackmarket playing there. so if your in to drum and bass Wolverhampton isthe place to be.
  • Wolverhampton clubs are shite,the bars are class. Go to walkabout if u like gypos. and the beach if u like school kids.Light bar is full of nobs.and blast off and cheecky monkeys are full of grebo freaks.Stay away from kipps as it is well dodgy.
  • Riley's, Canal Club, The Beach... all full of trendies... best off going to Blast Off at the Civic on a Staurday night.
  • The planet has now closed!those greebo kids just werent spending enough pocket money on beer! Allthough theres a new cool rock nite at Walkabout on Thurs. check it out, the freak scene aint dead yet!!!
  • Blast Off - quite simply the best night in town (sorry city!). The Civic Hall still manages to look rather like a school hall despite the fact it's meant to have been done up.
  • STUMP JUICE (Fridays) @ The Connaught Hotel and RAW@RICO's (Saturday) the old Sheraton are the places to go now if you love great tunes and a great crowd beleive me I've been going for some years. Try them and enjoy !!!
  • Blast Off and Cheeky Monkey, at the Civic Hall, on friday/saturday nights.
  • ole mens club, the canal club was good when i was at uni there
  • O'neills has probably got to be one of the most lively places in wolverhampton....Not surprising as everywhere else is shit. It is open till about 2am, quality music and alot of fit birds. Walkabout ain't bad either, this place is opposite the highly acclaimed cobra club.....
  • The 'Canal' is the coolest place to go (apparently !), and is normally pre-empted by The Lightbar. O'Neills is popular, open til' 2am, and plays a good mix of music. Atlantis is your traditional nightclub, opposite the cop-shop. There are plenty more which also I'm too long in the tooth to visit.
  • Kings Jazz bar on King St has some amazing (and amazingly crap) bands in on Friday and Saturday nights. Well worth seeing what's on 'cos it's free, it's got a late licence and the music could be stonking. Don't drink the bottles unless you want to pay £2.40+. The beer's not bad though.
  • Stump Juice under the Connaught Hotel on a Friday plays a top draw mix of old skool hip hop, jungle and funky stuff. Regular guest DJs like Daddy G from Massive Attack and a mad crowd - look out for doppelgangers of Ali G and Janet Street Porter! Cheap and still cool.
  • I lav the dance clabs here man, they is wicked, aye. Me like Sushi more in the 'field (Shef) but the Dorchester is still the bog's dollocks. Kick Ass.
  • Which sexy DJ at the planet!
  • the Dj in the planet is dead sexy!!
  • The Mezzanine. This April (2000) they have Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling!
  • Planet,off thornley street......much better than blast off! Student friendly ,old skool tunes as well as loads of new stuff, mainly indie or big beat although DJ is very friendly and will give moreor less anything consideration,(Apart from britney spears!)
  • Screamers has now been closed down, and the student web is now nalled the sky club, and believe it or not, but the old queen norman is still running it with bettie! long live old queens with bad back wigs!
  • I would like to take a minutes silence to mourn the passing of the dorchester as we know and love it. Now we can cheer up! we've still got the planet (formerly the project formerly the venue formerly monet's), various misguided but fun club nights at the civic and wulfrun, and rico's which i havent been to but i am told it is good
  • Light Bar and Canal are best for some classy bitches. Go to Atlantis get wankered and pull some mingers get a quick blow job have a fight and fuck off home.
  • ta for the comment on our cracking fridays (the beach) - just so you know, it's called "pleasure and pain" nb i noticed you have a coupla hyperlinks - wanna use ours ? cheers
  • the Mezzanine is a new edition to the thriving night scene of Wolverhampton
  • The Beach has got a great dance night - fridays - and not a rip-off amount of money to get in like the canal. commercial upstairs but house/trance/speed garage down in the deep. worth a trip to check it out.
  • Picasso's - guaranteed a fight The Gifford - if you survive Picasso's The Canal - where else could you find a club with a dirty smelly canal running through it Atlantis - no not more subterranean water, but student hangout
  • Two new clubs- Atlantis- good but expensive, and The Canal- voted Best Nightclub in the UK- who am I to argue? p.s- The Dorchester has been gutted and refitted. No more gay-nights, it's now called The Beach, and the girls behind the bar will be wearing bikinis
  • The inferno went in 1996. Since then the nightlife has expanded to include 10% of W-tons economy. Atlantis is the biggest. Monday night B4 11.00 is cheeper 18-23. We also have the canal club - voted no.3 in country. - Good for dance. Dorchester is being done up. Stay away from venue - friends nipple got bitten. Dance scene is big. Indie boppers would like Friday night Dorchester. Sat night Blast off in Civic. Rockers - Friday night at Screamers called the CAGE. Techno freaks - Screamers - SATURDAY but is weird. Dance. Mon - Atlantis, Thursday - Canal, Friday + Sat stacks of bars beating Brummy. Latest arrival sports cafe which is a massive bar. One bar a quarter is opening.
  • Inferno is a basement disco on Saturday Night, under Connaught hotel on Tettenhall Road.
    Never mind 'Inferno' on Saturday night underneath the Connaught Hotel - Check out the singles night on a Sunday night - they used to throw a free curry in, for 50p INCLUDING free admission. Don't listen to what they said about grab a granny night - that was just a tale to keep it between ourselves!
  • The Dorchester for indy types or gay night Saturdays, cheap 50p pints on Fridays and chocka full of what look like 13 year olds.
  • The Students Web is far better: French campsite disco on Thursdays and the usual indie style thing Fridays and Saturdays. I think it's in Whitmore Street (don't know the name) off Staffors Street near the varsity round the corner from the Venue - also an indie/alternative/dance thing on Fridays...
  • Vinyl Sonic Reducer, Slam Nightclub, Darlington Street (01902 24112)
  • There is a new indie night at the Civic Hall on a Saturday night - called 'Blast Off'. Good tunes, Miles Hunt of the Wonderstuff is DJ - supposedly £5 in but free tickets flying around town - pretty much like the Student Web but nice to have a bit of space to dance!!

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