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Hookup Spots
  • Railway station. Lockworks.
  • Schools, ugly schools, during the afternoon when the teens go out to smoke weed. And the houses.
  • moth, fountain
  • If you're a student, try the university. Potential suitors are less-likely to be from Wolverhampton themselves (definately a good thing).
  • Waxing the step at the church opposite the Civic then going for a crafty J in that alcove by the church behind some bushes.
  • hmm, i liv in v6 but dats parliment land :( i mainly go out in v4, maccys is da best place 2 meet m8s, 2 meet lads bus depo =] but if ur a lad lukin 4 a fit girl den u shud go river island, cos dats were all da good clothes r so all da girls in dere luk nice =]
  • MOTH has to be thu best place..Mehh an mehh maytes lovee it there it's got people just liek us there and people who listen to the same music as us. We're there liek every saturday and sunday an sumtyms in thu week. there's sum reli fit people there 2.
  • we hang out all over the place, moth if you wanna laugh at scene kids, civic during the day if you wanna watch skaters and wrestling, civci during the night if you wanna hang out with kain and all the other serious goths, maccues if you wnt food and to laugh at chavs, planet if you wanna listen to some damned good metal, nefaria if you wanna buiy some good goth clothes and stuff, dark kitten for goth shoes, drunken hill if you wanna get caught drinking underage, and metro if you wanna get stabbed repeatedly and be infected from all the broken glass but you know what? i wouldnt change it for the world. apart from less chavs
  • the moth/man on the horse many alternative teenagers have been going thier in wolverhapton for years
  • King Cod oposite soundmasters, well cool. brand new place great food and you get to hang out nwiv al the musos from over the road. even seen some celebs in ther from the robin 2 cauze they come over from soundmasters
  • You all just need to get urselfs down to the slip road in front of Goodrich Aerospace on the A449 in Fordhouses where you will find some seriously rude cars and girls, don't miss out or you will be sorry - no drugs just hot cars and girls and only a quick drive to the local make out spots.
  • We use to meet up at the Press Wine Bar in town (not a club or a pub!) in the JAzz Funk era of early eighties.
  • Outside St. Peters, The man on the horse and the skate park can all be good in small doses.
  • In the alley down the left side of Cheeky's, assorted benches.
  • Go to the bus station around 4pm weekdays & stand at Q & R stands (Bushbury direction) and look at all the tramps in tracksuits, smoking, hair needs roots done badly and holding a dirty kid ...
  • the GOTH gezer on the horse....!! hee! hee! there is no where decent indoors to go at night if your under 18 fact....
  • skatepark, town center
  • Metro was cool about 2 years ago when it was just us skaters hangin' there but then all the grebs came down one summer and messed it up with glass and stuff.
  • represent is always a good place to hang out cuz the owner si is pretty safe. it's above oldies which is past favourites chicken near the dainesse shop.
  • outside the art gal everyone meets up there plus its a pretty good place to larf at people for no reason
  • we meet at moth or outside the art gallery and then hang at costa coffee ot round the civic
  • the 558 bus stop, outside either netto, or the Dummy man XD
  • St. peters church next to art gallery, its right next to the bus stops and its a brilliant skate spot too. (the ledges are a bit hard to get used to though.)
  • used 2 go 2 rileys and hang around, and bantock park was always fun
  • A good place to hang around at the mo is this small field place by the student flats and asda. It's hidden so if you find it well done.It's good because nobody can see you and you can do what ever you want!
  • the corner shop in featherstone is a good hook up spot full of the wolverhamton slags! carly& becky u know who u are they do sell good skunk around there aswell james dean & shaun u know who u are too! well there is a gypsy site about 1 mile from the shop aswell full of mad barking dogs and lovely looking lads! all the girls pull the boys behind the corner shop 4 a quik shag! thats the shagging spot! well the chip shop chips taste like shit they all sit around thinking there kool! with there drink its not very attractive be girly and mind you rlanguage in front of boys they will respect u more for it and fancy u more aswell HAVE BRAINS! the drink just makes u look like a sluff a tramp on the side of the street who will go anywhere 4 a drink and as 4 the smokers, i am a smoker myself but do u all have to keep smoking 1 after the other! or is it just to make u look kool or summit..? well in the prison if u pass there late at night u can hear all the people screaming very loud it scared me and my mate to bits! as 4 the stars the people in there are like pigs good choice of drink & video's though and the truckstop is a good place to meet young lads in there vans they call thereselves gypsy boys but i dont beleive em! there is a lot of hookers at the truckstop 1 of them i knowed all my life! well thats all i know about featherstone oh and the bench outside of the red,white and blue is ok aswell and wendnesfeild cinema (cinneworld) is good aswell expecialy on sundays full f hot young boys in there ford transits and mercedes van all playing some phat tunes all the wednesfeild girls love them thats it realy the wine bar is ok 4 a drink and a chat with ya mates the nickolodeon is a good place for going out in the night time went there new years just gone with loads of my mates had a wicked time anyway thats about it the park is a good place 4 having fun next to the prison all fit boys around 17 smoking dope and talking sweet thats it featherstone isgreat i love it good weed good people and FIT LADS!
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery, if you like stair sets and waxed ledges and other thingies. There is a hotdog guy that stands right next to it on a sunday but he rips you off so go to the one just down the steps from him. There's some phat places to session and booze away but just stay sober enough for wen the FEDS come and you have to leggit for dear life and hold onto your board and booze untill you get to the civic and st. Peters which is another nice skate spot. So get get skatin!
  • the back of the library at warstones - for people who want to have good time with friends bur arent old enough or havent got enough money to go to a pub
  • St Peter's Church gardens, where many an idle minute can be withered away laughing at the antics of the local hoboes. They sip their cider, shout at their "dahgs" and stagger joyfully around the fountain without a care in the world. Alternatively try 'Maccies' where ineloquent townies limp their way to and fro, with a "ho" and bad attitude forming a protective shield around their insecure and feeble personas.
  • if you want a place to drink cheap cider and roll about in grass, try bantock park. many of my younger days were spent doing just this.
  • The Man on the Horse, a now vandalised statue of the Prince Consort atop a black 'oss.
  • The bus station in Gornal Wood- any bloke lookin for a classy bird and a bottle of white lightnin should go there. its such a cool place!
  • good old bantock park, but watch out for the 13yr old slags, they might chase you, it's been known to happen.
  • Blast Off Every Saturday.
  • Saturday by the MOTH in Quenns Square. The ideal plac eto spot dozens of juvenile grunge merchants all "expressing their individuality" by looking exactly the same as each other. Get a mortgage and grow up or at least get out of the way of those of us that work for a living and don't want to be obstructed by pond life when we are out shopping.
  • west park in wolverhampton on a hot day is a great place to try and pick some one up. i have lived there for several summers and i can say that this does work
  • west park in wolverhampton is always buzzing on a saturday. It is crammed with Skaters, Punks & rocks. It is great everyone is really friendly, new people are always welcome. We keep the scene alive!
  • art Gallery
  • I have noticed that the guidlines on this page say you cant be prejudice towards people, so why are people being malicious towards young rockers who just want to hang around and have a laugh with there friends. Expressing indeviduality is not wrong, its better than being a sheep.
  • The ventilation fans outside the Civic Hall. A definate for those fourteen year olds tempted by the lures of alcohol in the mid ninties. And hey you may have even gained a glimpse of such sublime band members from acts such as Sepultura , Slayer and local heroes of the time Dozer,who it seems have now lapsed into historical obscurity
  • why do all grebos hang by the man on horse rain or shine?
  • I think the best hook up spot in Wolverhampton has to be Fowlers park and Smestow st.The fitest lads and the best laughs ever!!!
  • Queen Square everyone meets here if just to get a laugh at some of the oddballs
  • MOTH is the place to hang.
  • meet up outside macdonalds if your a bloke cos this is where all the fit pussy meet up,trust me!!!then go to the man on the horse and rip the shit out of the grebo freaks ,dumb ass mother fuckers piss me off!
  • The man on the horse is bad, man!! Me and my m8s "Claw" n "Trigger Finger" go there all the time, we also like to sk8 and hook up with girls with multicoloured hair, its the biz!!
  • I hook up @ t' Cheapside by all the lame SK8r's by t' Civic Centre. It's totally rad, my & my mens kick it wit' the ladies there all day long, man. C U there.
  • McDonalds for all the trendy tossers that slag of rockers for no reason and think their hard. COME IN A MOSH PIT FOR 10 MINUTES U PUSSYS
  • Queen's Square. A lot of Craig-David loving, Comprehensive-school-attending, poor-spelling idiots think that "greebos" hang out there and they are "not cool". Copying everything the television tells you is not cool... being an individual is not cool. So if you have a soul and you've never bought a CD that's been played on Radio 1... come and hang out in Queens Square where you can laugh at the mindless adidas-wearing townies who couldn't even differentiate 2X in a Maths exam.
  • Man On The Horse (the Prince Albert statue in Queen's Square).
  • home
  • Queen Square, Mander Centre, Dudley Street
  • If ur a lad looking for a classy non-grebo teenage girl in Wolverhampton, try costa coffee opposite the MOTH. me and my mates love it and we are x-tremely cool.
  • Wolverhampton has to be a pile of shite. My mate De (generate) comes from there and all he`s an idiot. `Nuff said
  • Rileys pool bar. It is full of youths with the occaisional serious pool player but most of the people are using it as a place to meet. It's a pub for the youth of Wolverhampton and it's where the more serious pool players can enjoy a few frames before joining Minnesota Fats, which is for over 18's. I should know as i am one of those youths.
  • The man on the Horse is for Grebos go and laugh at them. Mike LLoyds is a hippy shop don't even think about going upstairs you'll get killed by the incense
  • Saturday morning, around 12, loads of grungy 14 and 15 year olds meeting on the square opposite Barclays Bank.
  • the best hook up spots have got to be either outside the art gallery, by the man on the horse or outside mike lloyds to laugh at kate the wench
  • The man on the horse.....if you resemble any of the hair, multiple body piercing, under 14, sad, dark and depressed
  • Unfortunatly, Wolverhampton bus station at night gets a few undesirable groups - so always try to use the next bus stop out of town.
  • YMCA Club in Penn
  • Asda car park about 7pm.

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