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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • There's some cap wearing black guy who walks about whitemore reans and town asking for money or anything he can lay his hands on. Fags, clothes, anything he can sell for his smack or crack. There's some indian guy who walks in circles chain smoking outside the shop and the cafe by the bus stops in town on that main road, by the alley. He's there all day long. There's another guy who walks about town by the bus station and around the bus stops asking for money but hes always got a fresh clean sleeping back and clean clothes, he's a proper con artist.
  • Afro- Belly Dance to Park events and outdoor lessons in the spring and summer, Natalie Teaches and performs Afro-Belly Dance they put on shows and creative acting in dance,She does personal lessons and workshops and crew dancing. This is the most exciting and urban type of Belly Dance!
  • Mr Ghetto blasterman who haunts Bilston is well known but hasnt been seen for about 2 months does anyone know whats happened to him?
  • Evo of Bilston
  • theres a tramp outside that butchers up the ally by oasis, he backed ma beef lol
  • There are loadsa people doin freaky multi cultural stuff..weird but well worth watchin' if you need a good laugh
  • the bloke who shoots pigeons in heath town,the lone gunman,simply marvelous.
  • the cowboy!!!! the local over the top religious freak, he used to be the cowboy, and frequently got arrested for carrying live guns and grenades with him, but now he has found religion, and carrys a seven foot cross with him instead!
  • I studied in Wolves in the early 90's and remember Eliah the Preacher, the Ringroad tramp who truly comes from the world of the Dark Crystal and of course the Cowboy (I still have avery cool photo of him. Strange to hear he found God as he gave me grief for wearing a cross. He ranted at my brother about Paddy Ashdown.
  • religious people singing about jesus
  • theres an old jamaican guy walks up and down bilston high street with his ghetto blaster playing reggae and half walkin half dancin - hes well funny and hes a bit of a local landmark.
  • Come and meet guitar mad Andy any afternoon at Soundmasters Bilston
  • COWBOY!!! he found Jesus!
  • David the cowboy is so annoying...he keeps following me around but i have to say i felt sorry for him this one time a couple of years ago. he was entering a pub and obviously started annopying sum1 cuz a few minutes later he got a glass thrown in his face awwww
  • The cowboy is still about, but with a difference, he has now found God!! You can spot him almost every weekend walking around with a Bible and a hat that reads, "1 man, 3 nails, 4 words". And we cannot forget his shirt he wears which reads, "Big G, Love Little D", the G stands for God and the D for his name, David. He is a sound bloke, BUT, i must worn you, becareful what you say to him and in what context, cause if you say something, he can go on about for ages!!
  • OOOO the cowboy who seems to have been abducted by tennis fanatics and now flies the flag for british tennis! wel he did hav tim henman beef when i last got caught by him! he's a nice bloke and when he asks you about wearing a tennis skirt don't b freaked out just run very very fast and tel him you haven't shaven your legs!! he was a cracking cow boy though but i didnt think you could park horses on sainsburys car park!!!
  • The Cow-Boy Man used to freak me out with he's constant cries of "You would look lovely in a tennis skirt." and "Tim Henman has failed us again." but you get used to him. Preacher Guy is great fun...his endless supplies of "Praise the Lard" have kept me entertained for years.
  • The man with the bighead and wooly hat(He always seems to have a red face too), has moved benches now to outside the Mander centre lifts, with lots of other Wolves supporters of similar character. The phone box man, searching for change is still doing the circuit, pipe in pocket. Tin can cup man is still sitting in Dudlet street. Ezra is still preaching and saving our soles, I often see him locally collecting wood,I thought it was for his open fire, but maybe he has a production line at home making his own leaflets from scratch. The entertainer who use to play the accordian on the Wulfrun centre bridge outside the old Sainsbury's, now sits on the bench with the man with the red face and big head. No accordian anymore, maybe there is no room left on the bench, with his friends head. Then there the guy who looks like popeye, who hangs outside the Crypt, Darlington street with his blue boiler suit, his pipe, his hat and oh yes his dog. Unfortuantely, Wolverhampton no longer has the Express and Star sold to them by Elvis Presley anymore either. Maybe the cowboy saw him out of town! Back in the late 70's early 80's the man that worked in Woolworths Cafe on the top floor, would go round checking we weren't messing with the condiments and would often burst into a quick song from "My fair lady" of "Gigi". I expect the gentleman has now passed, Thanks for the memories anyway.
  • has any1 else ever seen the dude with the enormous trainers! he sits on the bench opposite the bank of scottland, just down the road from the tube. he looks like he's wearing boats on his feet and can often be seen with the legendary cup man, i think they're good mates!
  • the cowboy dude call him a coward he goes bloomin mad its soo funny
  • banny who plays the bongos!
  • The cowboy still lives in Wolves!!! He just doesn't do the Village People theme anymore, he dresses normally.....BUT.....he still rants n' raves about how "kids nowadays, they don't know they're born!" I think he's an actor called David Cox by the way!?!?
  • Steven Harper the homeless dude 'Can you spare any change please love' guy. Man with the tin and the blankie, apparently the brother of old tom who is constantly in the varsity drinking john smiths, wearing a old blueish never washed suit. Blondie, really old woman who wears next to nothing, fake tan, stilettos and is grossssssssssssss to look at. Black dude, known as water guy. Walks into pub. Downs a glass of water. Strange asian guy who just walks into pubs and bums fags..(ciggys)
  • The tramp is a polish dude, (haha polish, poland) The Cowboy DuDE!!
  • heelflip chris is at penn road skate park all the time and has a wide range of videos: untouched untouched2 untouched3 untouched4 untouched5 etc....
  • You mean like 'Whyert Erp' or however you spell it.
  • 'The Cowboy' or 'Tex' has indeed been roaming the streets of Wolverhampton for years upon years, preaching his political and cultural philosophies. He has been made quasi-famous through the weblog of Rob Westwood ( on which he is affectionately known as 'Mental Cowboy Dude'. The only known photo of the gunslinger of Wolvo was captured by Rob and can be found here:
  • theres a man on the high street who plays the trumpet every day he sucks!
  • my favourite local character has to b the cock sucking guitar woman. she'll play sum tunes 4 a bit of change, but go up 2 her an ask for summat a lil more entertaining (if ur a man), for 50p u get a nice waxing by Lloyds alley
  • the cowboy has a worrying obsession with anna kournikova - instructs girls to put skirts on because they look like boys in trousers
  • How can anyone forget the famous tramp???? The ringroad tramp!! A relic from so war or something, he's too shellshocked ot live in a house. So he lives on the ring road island and shouts obscenities at the kids. He has a big army tent, Gas, electricity and water in there :) He is allowed to stay there as long as he rakes the leaves..... It pretty funny to watch :) Theres the jesus guy "You killed jesus, jesus died! He died and he went to hell! he went to hell For three days!!" He's usually outside maccas preaching to the greebs. Metal-stick man, who makes metal stick toys. Oh and the usuall 'buskers' who suddenly stop playing if you turn off the 'backing track' they use. wonder why.....
  • Has anyones seen "headers" as we call him, he has the largest head i have ever seen and he sits on the benches in the mander centre, normally sporting a wolves hat- (hes never without it) he has recently moved toward the lift area as they have put a cafe in the way of his usual spot! he is there EVERY day!
  • Ezra, "that funny little black man with the furry hat.." is alive and well and still kicking around pennfields, Dave(the cowboy) is still "working" during the day, as he likes to put it. ask him; he sees it as work to entertain the locals. he is not as daft as he looks.but do you remember the days when he used to walk around the town with a tape player and a picture of a test card?
  • Just the guy who random starts shaking his arms about and singing >.>
  • that cowboy man is wierd, he always comes and says stuff about tennis and short skirts....v.freaky!
  • essra the little black precher in the town
  • anyone seen the bloke who juggles fire? always dropping them which is entertainment in itself!
  • The Cowboy block The imbred gypsy women with 15 chins
  • Cox the Cowboy was always a bit of a "Local Hero", although he has recently started to dress a bit normally due to an illness. "I used to be in Bonanza you know!" Fred, who lives on the central reservation had a satellite dish for years, and was recently featured in the Granuiad, as he has been accepted as someone of no fixed abode. "Elvis" the Express & Star salesman who advertised it by saying "mmmmmmm tar!" seems to have disappeared lately. Any idea where he is these days?
  • There is two girls that hang around wolverhampton and they sing tenacious d songs like "I'm the only Gay Eskimo" and the one girl sings things down shop microphones so you can hear everything!
  • ezrah in the city centre who attacks you with laeflets and shouting about jesus and god or summut i dont really haer him im normally running away
  • THE COWBOY - rumoured to be of a background of immense wealth and privelage, this now derranged antique relic stalks the streets of this fair city advising (in a way) young ladies to dress in short tennis skirts, hurling abuse at anyone who threatens/questions his undeniable wisdom, and generally making children very afraid indeed. Startling resemblance to Woody from Toy Story. Thankfully no longer allowed to carry a real gun. ESRA - Elderly preacher. Worships the "Lard" (Lord), Carribean in origin. According to local legend has been preaching "the word" outside Boots nearly every day since the late 60's. Despite being increasingly ridiculed by an uncaring populus, he is without question going somewhere nice when finally he pops his clogs. DANCES WITH PIGEONS - a gentle giant, this undoubtedly benevolent tramp collects money in a cup hung around his neck. Seems to have an unbreakable bond with the local pigeons. Once compared the swinging motion of my shopping bag to "the pendulum of death"
  • What about that old black guy with the oversized trainers, who sits down and pees himself wherever he wants. Was particularly known at the DSS.
  • the guy who juggles with fire from behind a rope. he disappeared for a while and rumours were rife that he'd spontaneously combusted. but he's back now. there's also the guy who plays saxophone outside beatties to a porn film backing track.
  • This bloke has appeared chucking burning sticks around, very bizarre, but a lovely smell of parafin as you walk by. There used to be the resident weirdo "The Cowboy" who used to wander round completely sh1tfaced and abuse all in sight. I really miss him. Also there's Ezra the preacher, who declares me to be "The whore of satan" rather loudly whenever I walk past.....
  • What about Barry? He dressed a bit like austin powers and hung around at the civic like a tramp even though he had a house. he was famous for a strip-tease...but we should not speak ill of the dead...died about this time last over by a bus outside the varsity...RIP :-/
  • the chinese people who sit in the wulfren centre making stuff like photo frames out of metal wire are amazing!
  • The man that stands in the doorway down the road into the centre from dudley street, he's the worst singer i've ever heard and deserves to be gagged. Also the fat black man with the leather tramp that stinks of piss. Possibly named 'bubba'.
  • Beware of the scary dude shouting bible stuff at ya!
  • The cowboy everyone has been refering to was more well know as "Tranny Danny" He seems to have dissapeared recently, but seemed to be getting more agressive because he got pi**ed off with all the little no-hopers making his life a misery. The Tramp on the ring road is still around, he usually sweeps up leaves and picks up litter. Has anyone else ever heard of "Akerbil" he was famous on Pendeford estate, was once caught out urinating up a bus stop whilst waiting for a bus. Enevitably he got on the bus with his nob hanging out !!
  • a man dressed as a cowboy walks around pretending to shoot people, he is scary!
  • Them Pan Pipe guys are cool,watch them when youve had a few spliffs there even better then.
  • Dudley St - great trumpet man, somtimes calypso guys too (very impressive!)
  • There's an old dear on the main high street who sings out old verses from the bible and preaches to anyone who will listen - what a gem, go find him.
  • the cowboy has been around for as long as I can remember (about 23 years) he had an army phase in the 80s where he wore a uniform carried a toy rifle around. Call him a coward and he goes wild!
  • Usually avoid them the pans pipe people are pretty funny on dudley st though
  • the cowboy (DAVID COX)is still doing his tour's but not so offten, the scotish guy (lol) yea he's still about but has two walkin sticks now,EZRA is still preaching the word of the lard (lol),the panpipe guys ( the patagonians from the fast show)they still blow their tubes on the odd occasion,the polish p.o.w (aka the tramp in the centeral reservation of st johns square ringroad) mmmm i dont see much of him nower days but his tent is still there with the satellite dish in the bushes so i guess he's still keeping guard on the market bins.
  • What about the saddo in the anorak who waits outside phone boxes for people to finish their calls and then goes in to see if they've left any money behind? (When it's raining, can also be found smoking his pipe on the bech outside Tesco!)
  • Look-out for the nutter that thinks he's a cowboy - he's been that way for years.
  • Dudley Street.
  • Cease you worry about "Barrowman" he is alive and well and living on the bench on the ring road by Carillion, Bankfield House and Reed Etc. He was only wearing one shoe on saturday and had some shinpads made of cardboard?
  • Wolvo has a high degree of nutters who wander the street - with this lot we don't need any other form of street entertainment. The most famous of which is the legendary 'barrowman' who likes to scream abuse at traffic. He hasnt been sighted in recent times - we all worry about him
  • If you see any please punch them, they stink up the place and give it a bad rap!
  • Has anyone seen the Welsh nutter who wanders round the streets by the name of Ray. He has false teeth and is a dead ringer for the now deceased Freddie Mercury. He can often be found just wandering about aimlessly shouting out obscenities such as Woof, Homo and Botty Boy. Perhaps this is due to events which have occurred in his past which may have scarred him somewhat.
  • The old cowboy is still about and his name is TEX, and we used to call him that because of TEX PISS... get it? Also the scotish guy still makes an odd appearance every now and then but he's on two clutches now! The little guy preaching like mosses is still shouting at little girls and telling them they are damned (only when he dosen't get a shag), but when he does he's always singing and dancing and praising the lard!!! And what about the blind man singing like a 1950's reject, it's all an act to get more money. Wolverhampton is surrounded by a ring-road, and near homebase in the central reservation is a man who lives in a tent. He has water and electric connected and hes been there for years now. He looks like the naked hermit in 'life of brian' with the long beard.
  • Is that little black man with the russian type hat, who keeps shouting out things from The Bible still there ? He used to be there every week when I lived there, and he was really funny because he didn't care that people just totally ignored him !!!
  • The scotish geezer still appears every now and then, but he can hardly walk.
  • Oh my god!I never knew the cowboy and the guy who preaches at people had been there for so long! Just walk down to McDonalds and your sure to see one of these Wolves celebs.
  • the preacher and the cowboy will allways have a little place in my heart
  • Do you mean Chicken George the preacher? Does anyone know what happened to The Cowboy? My Mum misses him.
  • Are those two clowns still trying to get laugs from the kids?
  • Look out for the guy in town who shouts things at people like "Why are you so disobedient?!'. He's well funny!
  • Obligatory Andean pan pipe brigade regularly droning out some chilean nightmare Market researchers damnwell everywhere, still the clipboards come in handy for belting the andean pan pipe people
  • Only weirdos. Have a look and tick them off.

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