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  • The Goose in town is good if you want a proper drink and a few others in town but all the proper pubs are closing. If you go the one side of town the only pub is the gatehouse in fordhouses. If you go the other side theres load of pubs like the chestnut tree, the firs, the mermaid, the royal oak, the westacres, the oddfellows, the swan, out in all the white areas.
  • Hogshead.
  • The Swan at Compton excellent.
  • The Greyhound excellent 'local' gay pub, good mixed crowd, friendly bar staff, good pub lunches. Quiet back room, pool table, outside smoking area. The White Hart, young hip and trendy gay bar Divine relaxed gay bar Gorgeous School Street, by day lovely place to sit and watch the world go by and do a pretty good lunch too
  • The Trumpet pub in Bilston High Street i challenge you to find another Pub that has pictures of the cast from Allo Allo stuck on there walls. I was just pissing by and i heard a shat! Its also always nice and quiet in the back yard so you can go and sit in peace and have a spliff too :)
  • Varsity's pretty cool. Matchday it has to be the Wanderer.
  • The White hart is cool, its a gay bar but straight friendly. They are open untill 2am on the weekend with excellent live dj's on friday and saturday night. White Hart T-shirts available @
  • old white rose in lichfield streetbilston
  • Old white rose in bilston - the musos hang out or the trumpet next to soundmasters music store
  • litten tree, good atmosphere
  • The (Clare)Gate just getting very busy again...
  • The Royal London. The Hogs Head. both cool.
  • The Newhampton
  • The Royal. Only place that doesn't do my head in.
  • why has nobody mentioned the westacres? just outside the town its a classic pub to visit during the week, atrracts quite a young crowd. the quiz nights on monday and wednesday are not to be missed, twenty quid prize for the winner! plus the menu is great, they do some delicious pub snacks
  • Hogshead on Stafford Street is no-way nearly as good as it used to be prior to March 2003. Quadrant Lounge, Princess Sq, is truly great, art, good design, decent scrammle-free clientelle, great Dj's friday and saturday nights: if you're a nob please dont go to the Quadrant as you'll spoil it for the rest of us. Posada, Lichfield Street, is still a purveyor of great ales, great atmosphere and a mecca for Wolves home fans on match day.
  • royal london,lite bar
  • Varsity is very popular. The Goose in the City has good deals with some drinks and does food.
  • the varsity, though the bands could be bigger
  • the greyhounds quite good its a pub/club but needs some more young blood in there........ so girls GO THERE!! lol
  • The Swan at Tetenhall - 1.49 a pint!
  • Royal London, The Giffard
  • little civic
  • Edwards though most clientel suffer with acne.
  • royal london on a tuesday for pound a pint, varsity on thursday for the same. avoid the oddfellows - used to be a great pub and a fun place to work, and now theyve refurbed it its shit - dont work for banks's theyre an awful employer who dont give a shit about their staff. royal london used to be good of a friday night, duno if it is anymore tho
  • Go to the Hemingway bar at the Ritz Hotel ; that is worth a lifetime of Pub visiting in Wolverhampton
  • the great weston the best pub grub and beer in wolvo
  • the red white & blue and the nickleodeon are my faves u gotta drive a bit out of your way to go to the red whitw ect.but me and me girls always meet wid da featherstone crew everey saturday
  • The hollybush, The litten tree, the firs and the fox and goose
  • gringos used to be a great just about-underage hangout. cheap lager and pizza's. then they changed it by putting the prices up, making people pay for the juke box and buying a big screen and playing geri halliwell videos on loop. they've recently changed it again. playing a bit more indie type music and making things cheap again. varsity on thursday nights. a pint. then rolling over the road to the royal london. the bouncers at the royal london always know if you're smoking weed in the toilets. planet can be okay on a thursday night if you're completely wasted.
  • Lovely little corner near the Civic, where you have The Varsity, Royal London and Hogs Head all facing each other. Also Revolution is a pretty damn good vodka bar if you like that sort of thing.
  • The Varsity is the regular thursday piss up place for pound a pint. Again, many youthful looking characters attend.
  • The Tube is the best new spot in Wolverhampton, and has managed to keep out the LeCoste/gelled hair brigade. It attracts a young,trendy individual clientele and serves some excellent cocktails. WV1 across the road is also a good place to escape the Rockport crew, but it's not an Indie spot. Places like Atlantis,The Beach and The Lightbar should be avoided like the plague unless your idea of a good night out is snogging a girl with a perm, warm Bacardi Breezer and a kebab for afters.
  • varsity Royal london
  • remember the New Inns. What a dive . What happened there. All the Kford girls got lashed and Copped off with all the Wombourne Lads. Pter Munslw copped off with Crowe. Martin Parkes copped off with Liz, and John Lahbury copped off with Michelle Rider the obnoxiously overweight Land lady
  • the people who wok in the varsity are stupid, loud mouth pricks who find it hilarious to have water fights behind the bar on a saturday night than actually serve drinks when the bar is 5 deep.if they spent more time serving instead of trying to look wacky, perhaps people wouldn't want to punch their heads in!
  • The Casa bar is the best pub in town, also check out Revolution for all garage and R'n'B heads.
  • The Posada - oldest pub in the region - actually realy nice since it was refurbished and the skin heads stopped going there
  • The Newhmapton is a great pub, especially for gigs, although the drink's great too. Just off Newhampton Rd. West, opposite St. Judes Junior school, it attracts many locals and is a lot of people's favourite pub around the area.
  • Pubs.... The Royal London is a well fine pub 18+ full of students if you have a N.U.S your sorted get a yellow card = cheap beer!! and qualitie music! its open till 2 thursday, friday, saturday and theirs a rock night on sunday which is open till 12.30... also the Varsity is great thursday its 1 in 1 a pint night!! and also 18+ pub..
  • HEROES HEROES HEROES U can find me there Tuesdays for 80's music & 80p drinks mine's a pint o fosters. Saturday's 11 till 12 the final countdown 1 a pint & a wicked dj
  • go to kipps on a thursday if your underage im only 20 years old but ive been going the kipps for five years! ha ha ha
  • For old fashioned character Stile is Fawdry St. Whitmore Reans is a winner. You could stumble out from my old house on Harrow st. and be right on their door step. The place has not changed in years.
  • The Posada in Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, has recently been taken over by the same people who run the Newhampton (which is my fave pub in the country!). It is currently being redecorated - and is starting to look lovely!! It has kept its traditional style, and the beer is superb! Check out the Doorstep sandwiches they serve Thurs - Sat. Yum!
  • PIGGOT Pattingham. Totally disagree with you. The place is a dirty hovel full of sad old 'has beens' with bad habits. The land lord is particularly unpleasent with a very foul mouth when crossed in the wrong mood
  • o'neills
  • PIGGOT IN PATTINGHAM...about 7 miles West of Wolves. Lets just say that 'cleanliness' isnt in the Managers vocabulary. We were told to F*** off for complaining about the food!!!! Thursdays are for the intellectually challenged....definately a place to be avoided, which is sad as it is a nice little boozer and in a great spot. Perhaps the Brewery need to rethink the management there ??
  • The Varsity - get their early to get a table. A great mix of mainly alternative people, never any trouble. Music can be a bit too loud sometimes, but it plays fine tunes.
  • The Hogshead probably has the best selection of beers, and they seem to look after them well enough. Any of the student pubs are ok (eg. Royal London, Varsity), and I quite like The Posada, opposite 'trendy' Casa, as it's still a divey little boozer, which sells a good pint. Tap House does a good pint too.
  • Wanderer - close to town and work bit quiet though. Varsity - full of art and media students and bizzarley they have lobster on the menu. Feline + Firkin - whatever happened to that place? Kings's - not as good as everyone seems to think. Royal London - everyone hates the gaffer and is like sittin' in a fishtank. Hogshead - is it a pub or an MFI store? Posada - great little pub loadsa character like sitting in someones front room. Peppers - has changed it's name to something else now CASA or something nice if you wanna feel all cosmo one day. Moon under Water - much cheapness my haunt when I was at uni, no music but, nice carpet. Oneils. alright for gettin' wasted until after everywhere else is shut, pricey, does any1 remember it being Supersonic on a thursday? Walkabout - big sofa's cheap, beer, big screen i dont understand why i dont like this place.
  • Just outside Wolverhampton in Pattingham there is a nice pub called the Piggot. It gets very bust on Thursdays and Sundays and is full of some fine young women.
  • Great Western, Sun St. CAMRA Pub of the year for years on end. Been going since I was *fresh faced*, and as long as you like good beer you'll be welcomed.
  • Why hasn't anybody mentioned 'HEROES', this place is the bollocks! Best nights have to be Mondays: "Ministry of POUND" top tunes and everythings 1. Also Tuesdays: "Frankie Goes to Heroes" 80s music and ALL Drinks are 80P!! This place is rammed!!
  • The Newhampton in Whitmore Reans is a fully restored Victorian local with great beers and lagers and a mixed crowd - everyone from old men with ZZ Top beards to Rastas to students. Its got a laid back, friendly atmosphere and loads of different rooms to hang out in
  • The Little Civic (formerlt terrazzos) great crowd/music but impossible to get served at the weekend
  • Royal London!!! except that they are never serving food when you want it, usually because 1. they have run out or 2. all kitchen appliences have run away to form a religious commune in the centre of bilston or something. avoid the new hogshead unless you enjoy the feeling of being sucked into a middle aged vortex.
  • all the pubs in wolverhampton are full of wankers except kings jazz bar in king st in the town centre... this is place not to be missed
  • The Rose & Crown and the Holybush just outside the cente are cool (Down the A449)
  • If you want an 'interesting' pub experience then try 'The Tipster' on the Dunstall Road, you're virtually guarenteed a free pool table and lock-in! However, if you're even slightly inclined to the odd racist coment then I'd keep out!
  • 41 in a quarter mile stretch - piss up capital of the midlands
  • I work and live in a great pub (obviously i'm gonna say that) in Perton, which is just off the A41, come and see us on the first wednesday of every month, for an amazing night, well if you don't mind karaoke, but no-one else comes for that!
  • The Hollybush The Merryhill The Firs
  • The Railway Tavern - low level behind the station - is truly tremendous if you can find it - some of the best kept bitter I've tasted
  • Loads have opened recently (probably something to do with the University). Visitors to Wolverhampton *must* try some of the traditionally brewed 'Banks's Mild ale' which you can buy in the Varsity on Wulfruna Street (large studenty pub), or even better 'The Clarendon' on Chapel Ash which is right next to the brewery. Other pubs worthy of note are the 'Feline and Firkin' on Market Street and 'The Posada' on Lichfield St.

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