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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Anyone knows if Macaulay Culkin has ever hung out in Wolverhampton, UK? Like, say, Royal London and Walkabout Wolverhampton? I am so dead sure I shared a pizza with him.
  • Wolverhampton locksmith services 24 hour master locksmith, student and OAP discounts. 07724828289 Site listed below
  • A friend and I once got chased across a field by a herd of curious, inquisitive cows - we just all started steadily moving faster and faster them to head us off, us to get out of the way. I leapt over a fence in panic and rolled down a bank of nettles that stung me to HELL! The same evening after my stung legs had blown up like sausages, my friend and I had to get back across the field to his car, but darkness fell so fast that when something white came towards us out of the gloom we nearly crapped ourselves. It wasn't another crazy cow ambling to meet us from the farside of the field, but a man carrying a sack on the handlebars of his bike. Turns out he was just as scared to moo-oove towards whatever was looming out of the dark towards him! We all laughed with relief. Still spooks me just thinkin about it.
  • Home of the first traffic lights in the uk.
  • Our accent is weird, most people think were from birmingham and someone said i sound like a londoner LMFAO :|
  • I guess bombing Wolverhampton is far to nice of a thing to do, what is needed is some sort of ultra cool futuristic technology that could not only destroy Wolverhampton but erase its whole existence from this universe and push it into a black hole where even the memory of this place would be crushed and erased forever. Oh and the accent, I thinks we need forced elocution lessons for all those with that horrible accent. If they fail to change it in say 5 years then its off to the gas chambers with ya.
  • red rock is a wikid cotch
  • Well MOTH is fun...Moshers are fab..and everywhere.
  • The first item on this panel is a deprecating advert against a brand by a shop with a vested interest. Check the wording and spelling on the musical instrument panel. it's the same person.
  • Peavey ! Peavey ! Whats all this then??About this hating Peavey gear and slagging it off. Before you go into print on anything you should secure your facts. Some lower priced Peavey cabs do have Emminence drivers inside, these are the PRO range. Above this they are all Peavey Black Widows, this basket has an American patent on it and is made stateside, JBL Speakers, in the low price range have the same Emminence speakers inside but cost almost twice as much. AND!! If E/V and Dynacord are so good why is the selling price about half of the retail price?? If the uneducated slagger has been in the business 40 years, he will realise that the products he is talking about haven't been around for that long.I suspect that he hasn't, he certainly can't use a computer keyboard to spell. If you want to hear Peavey P.A and group gear at it's best, demonstrated by people who can talk and spell try Georges in Stafford Street Walsall. All the best.
  • I hate Peavey gear with avengance - 40 years experience in the music biz says their gear is overpriced crap - try EV speakers and amps - dynacord powered desks, JBL or FBT speakers - much better. Only fools stuck in thier ways swear by peavey (has any one realised that the drivers are emminence - yes the 40 drivers from maplins so why the 800+ price tags)
  • Have some sad news for those who knew an Australian lad who worked at the Walk About who went by the name of AZZA. He recently left on a trip to Poland & unfortunately fell from a Hostel balcony in Poland and passed away. Remembered by his best mates Damo & Rick (ex Walkabout employees now back in Australia).
  • watch out for the pigeons! they have a tendancy to drop special air mail onto your head!!! ooooo and go to the grand theatre there playing seven brides for seven brothers nothing could ever be wrong with that!! go and have a ho down!!!!
  • Use to love going down the rotunda sloop in the middle of the Mander Centre in the late 70's on our Roller skates after leaving the rollerdrome in Temple Street. Not quite the same effect now, they have put a lift in.
  • Sun Street. A quality place where you can pick up some lovely ladies, they will charge you though. A free and equally pleasing alternative is Flares on a Monday night after 10pm.
  • wolvos full of hoes loads of em
  • local brands: anti clothing, opinion skate team (vid coming soon)
  • Why do the music shops in town charge so much for so little. They quoted me 1050.99 for a mixer i got off the net for just 699.99? all their prices are extortionate!!
  • You should only come here if you absolutely have to. It is pure visual incontinence for the most part.
  • From Grabbit and Run, Solicitors to the Wolverhampton Donkey Trecking and Ferret Knitting Society Company Ltd. It has come to our attention that you made disparaging remarks regarding the business of our esteemed clients, as aforementioned. This is both direspectful to my client and displays your breath-taking lack of knowledge of the advantages (both phyical and spiritual) of joining our clients donkey trecks. There is now finer way of spending a week (although two weeks is better) exploring the history of Wolverhampton by the gentle method of sitting on the back of one of our donkies for 16 hours a day and listening, enraptured, to the flood of information provided by by our highly trained guides, some of whom are now beginning to possess a working knowledge of the English language. A typical days trecking may well comprise the following Up at 3 am to start the day with the local delicacy Wolv'ramptonteaandawad, then leave your hotel ( the aptly named Shitandsawdust Lodgings) to walk to the stables and indulge in some extensive donkey grooming. At 9am sharp, mount your donkey. At 10 am, (or when your donkey has stopped smiling, whichever comes first) Climb on your donkey and set out into the scenic High Street for a brief canter though Beatties Department Store. Our guide will ensure that the last donkey in line is the one with the Hygene Control Equipment (bucket and spade, rubber gloves optional) Our route takes us past the Woverhampton Wanderers Football Ground, the site of many famous defeats. You will most surely be familiar with the match played here on Boxing Day, 1924, when the Wolves (as they are aptly named) fought off many devastating attacks down the left wing by Daisie Mae, the demon midfielder for the Victoria Crescent Brownies, (Wolverhampton Pack No. 37) and managed to lose by the smallest margin in the Clubs history of 11 goals. At this point you will remount your donkey (if you have time) and then climb on your donkey to visit the site where, in BC 49, the Romans began their invasion of Britain. The Romans were a sneaky lot and they realised that, as their invasion fleet would be expected to stop at the coast, they avoided detection by arriving in Britain at a gently sloping sandy beach, some say Bognor Regis, and they just carried on rowing. They disembarked in Wolverhampton because the barnacles on the bottom of the boat were creating a lot of drag and anyway, their arms were aching.
  • Avoid wolverhampton like the plague
  • After stumbling across this site and reading how there is (apparently) to be nothing on here that slates certain groups or minorities, and then reading the absolute diabolical description of those with an alternative lifestyle and interest in heavy metal, I can only say that this site is a hypocritical waste of web space, and that to claim to be otherwise is false advertising. Ridiculous! If there are any people in Wolverhampton letting the place down it is the Ken and Barbie clones that populate all the well-lit watered down lager holes with the bad dance music and their clothes which they cannot afford to wear getting ruined in foam parties. God forbid there be people who do not swim with the shoal! We are all human beings, it's quite sad how we all break off into our own little groups. But then again, who would want to associate with the pill-popping ibiza-holidaying fake-tanned masses? Certainly not I. And maybe if they weren't too terrified of the site of someone mutilating their precious moisturised-to-perfection skin, they would understand the underlying meaning behind body art and ritualistic piercing. Sheep, the lot of you. But we, in our black clothed and pierced and tattoed masses, wouldn't have it any other way. The further you stay away from us, the better! To us, you are the weirdos. Just remember that when you walk past us trying to be all high and mighty, we're laughing at you...not the other way around.
  • Don't forget Wolves Speedway at Monmore Green Stadium - right by the Metro on the Bilston Road.
  • what happened to the gifford pub? no one goes any more.
  • Bilston should be treated as a black country town in it's own right and not some area of wolverhampton which we all know is not part of the black country. Bilston is a proud town with proud people don't make us an area of your city cause most in bilston cudn't give a toss.
  • can climb the statues lol :)
  • Penny Farthings is the coolest place to by greebo accesorize!!
  • Heroes & Another world r my fave places other than that my house
  • Plenty of dealers fix u up with some nice asprins. or talkum powder.
  • Music Fairs: Civic most months on a Saturday.
  • shivs and jandus convenience stores in whitmore reans top quality - respecet
  • Places to avoid (ie. dodgy bars, mean streets etc..)
  • "Out of Darkness Cometh Light" Wolverhampton's Motto.
  • The motto of Wolverhampton is "Out of Darkness Cometh Light" - if ever a phrase rang true.....
  • Hordes of students in Wolvo.

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