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Hookup Spots
  • Ross Byers
  • I'm not an educated man. I've never had no book learning, don't know any big fancy words but i can tell thee this My momma raised five children, four girls, then there was me She found her strength with faith in God and love of family She never had a social life, home was all she knew Except the time she took a job, to pay a bill or two My daddy skinned his knuckles on the cars that he repaired He never earned much money but he gave us all he had He never made the front page but he did the best he could And folks drove their cars from miles around to let him look underneath the hood And they made their house from a toolshed Grandaddy rolled down on two logs And they built walls all around it And they made that house a home They taught us 'bout good living They taught us right and wrong Lord there'll never be another place in this world I'll call home No, there'll never be another place in this world that I'll call home. This is wombell
  • I left Wombwell in 1966 to emigrate to Australia. The place I left was nothing like that described by the whinging wining no hoper who needs to get a life and stop feeling sorry fer him or herself. Go out and get pissed and get yourself a good rogering.
  • Wombwell, oh Wombwell!!! I live in Barnsley but was born and bread in Wombwell. I have fond memories of school and the night life. It is true that there is a drinking culture but what makes Wombwell the desperate hell people are commenting on is the youth of today. The desperate and diminished fabric of society has hit my home town hard. Once a flurishing and functioning mining town where vertual full employment existed has been replaced by ex-miners living off reduncy sheckles and sickness benefits. Some have prospered. I have a degree and post grad qualification, but have not left the routes that moulded me behind. Hard working, hard playing men,replaced by illiterate, illegitimate youths. Its not there falt, second third generation unemployed with no working role models. Come on fokes, its not Wombwell that's the issue, its Thatcher.
  • Well when I was a kid it was just about all the streets of the town. Mind you the Alma PH was great for a pint during lunch when I was at the High School. Being 14 didnt seem to be any bar to getting served.
  • All u sad bastards think ya live somewhere better than wombwell then,tell me where because there aint no place fukin better, so if there is ad lyk to no where ya bunch of sad bastards wasting ya lifes away in front of a computer screen!
  • Wombwell has the best swimming baths in the world!Fuck u all ya bunch of stuck up bastards thinking ya live sumwhere better than wombwell!
  • we hang around in the valley its open and theres lots of places to go.
  • behind the co op in hoyland common or anywhere the police couldnt find us
  • We are not smack rats and the only smack rats are you. You do all this slagging off but it does not say your names. why dont you go down to the butch manual working men and tell them wot u think of them, oh yes because your a little weasel that couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. n you've all probably been on the dole that long that they invite you to the staff party, do you fuck have an education if you live in Wombwell like you sed. If its that bad why dont you leave your shit hole of your house and drop of the end of the probably spend all your time on this computer writing as no women or men would touch you sorry arse. You set off silly fukas get a life you sad twats.
  • top market
  • by the seafront
  • What a load of rubbish, Wombwell is no where near as bad as this it's made out to be on here.
  • Cottaging - Toilets outside JD W's Wombwell IS a huge pick up spot and the girls are not all rough thats bollocks
  • Wombwell is the HOOK UP SPOT for MONOTONOUS life's. life's in this town are dull they lack in variety and variation, you only have to live around here more than a week for your life to start becoming monotonous.
  • Weatherspoon Thug Club gathering. The thug club usually gathers outside the Weatherspoons Pub between 1.00pm and 6.00pm most weekdays within the week, the gathering consists of all the local common men, rough, ugly, butch dingle twins, this place is like a visit to the local zoo, about 4.00pm you are given a real treat because the local dirty gypoo's arrive acting hard and very butch, talk about time travel it is like travelling back to the stone age. Unless you are common, a manual worker, act hard and love getting drunk, stay away from this pub during this period.
  • Wombwell is a dreadfull place to live, should you ever consider living here then go and find somewhere else to live, people only end up in Wombwell if they can do no better for themself.
  • Wombwell is a thug society that contain sex offenders, the main thing that does not help matters is the majority of Wombwell men are loud, piss taking towards non-looking locals, common, racist, untrustworthy, back stabing, braggers (in truth no working class person from this village as anything to brag about - particulary if they are a manual worker), one-cultured and the local men have developed this village into a thug society. It is classed by the locals as being very cool to get drunk, and act loud most nights, the loudest man is the main man and gets all the attention of the Local dog rough looking local women, loads of local men are sex offenders, that are placed on the sex offenders register, but to the locals sex offenders are respected and people that have been miss-judged instead of the insult to society they actually are. And most of the local men are manual workers which has given this village a manual atmosphere, and the night outs at the weekend are like a night out for the local factory workers. Very common place this village is.
  • Job Opportunties I have 25 qualifications ranging from GCSE level to post graduate level, which cover IT, business, management, global communications, foreign languages, business administration, business finance, NEBS Management, computer programming. I have letters after my name. On top of this I have over seven years full time work experience covering computer programming and management positions. And in this town people like me donít get a chance or opportunity. I have invested £8000 in my future by gaining higher level qualifications in order to give myself a better future. Yet people who cannot match my qualifications get opportunities, people who donít ivest one penny in education get on. What sort of country is this to allow unqualified people to progress quicker than qualified people?
  • Wombwell is a town that is made up of working class people, and 80% of these do thicko manual positions like forklift truck drinving, warehouse, stores, factory work. It is a racist place to outsiders, and unless you have to visit for employment cercumstances I would not bother coming.
  • I have lived in Wombwell for thirty years and it is a terrible place, it is a uncultured thicko place, where the locals do not like outsiders, it is a racist place. I never jumped up and down screaming when I was born that I wanted to live in Wombwell. Its not a life I wanted, nor is it a life that I ASKED FOR
  • Wombwell is a terrible place to live, it is a subset of Barnsley, see the knowhere guide to Barnsley. It is a common place where most of the population work in the local factories.
  • all hook up spots in wombwell are non existant itz full of smack rats.oh there is 1 place where everyone goes womb on a friday night but thats wank !!!
  • High School disco on Tuesday nights, wandering round the Hillies fields, or hanging out with all the semi-virgins in the precinct.

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