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Hookup Spots
  • hook up spot....york is a hook up spot, its only little places not to meet friends are the fountain, museum gardens, and the minster. always meet sumwhere up market, like in betties!
  • we go to our local skate park to learn new tricks
  • The minster gardens. Not the mussee G's, but the gardens right next to the minster. perfect chilled sunny day or early evening, relax and watch the world wonder by
  • in my second childhood - the museum gardens are great on a lovely summers day - if you don't mind hundreds of others with the same idea
  • meet up at the shop in huntington around about 10.00
  • Near the river, next to the museum gardens... in the summer you can sit along the river bank eating ur lunch, but in the summer u have to settle for one of the starbucks'
  • The fountain, centre of york and meeting place of townies(boo!), goths (hmm) and skaters(yeah!)
  • O'Neill's on low ousegate is very freindly and has irish music on a sunday evening and live music on a friday its very nice and has a great atmosphere on a weekend.. xx
  • York beach
  • ethel ward park in haxby is a bit ruff but watch out for the caners under the slide
  • the fountain is where skaters and greebos and cool guys meet. Watch out for many a ding
  • Tang-hall library, you can skate there aswell, just don't go round the back of the clinic, or the alarms will go off, and the cops will be there in 6 minutes flat
  • there's a big playground tucked away near clifton bridge i used to love to go to as a kid, but i especially enjoyed growing up by the river in fishergate, before they sanitised tang hall tip and scraped the gipos off the fields further up the river where the walkway ends... my house used to have Leeds utd sprayed on the wall by the river for years, and was opposite rowntrees... now it's called dipper cottage and been transformed, no chintzified last time i nostalogically trolled (no "s") through grande garth.
  • all meet at the phonebox st.saviorgate at 9.00am for crack and heroin and it a taxi rank very handy
  • church yard on micklegate
  • Abbey Leisure center, Somerfields car park, Selby District council building, Walker's Bingo, Selby High School, No Limits skateboard shop.
  • The fountain when its not surrounded by townies that want your dope and your money
  • Just round the back of wackers to the right of the car park.There is some black and yellow tape on the stairs.
  • I'm a student at York Uni and there's a great opportunity that most locals miss out on. See, on the approach to university from Heslington Rd. is a long alley we call Rape Lane. It's mostly unlity and deserted and has much potential for all sorts of carnage. So Yorkies, if you read this, get out to Rape Lane and mess some of us students up.
  • Millton street
  • Probably the two most well known places in York: the train station.....and the fountain in the square. Only thing is there can be a lot of townie scallies and wierdos shouting "The end of the world is apon us! The only way to survive is to suck me tits!"
  • Outside Argos near the river is wer most sk8rz hang out.
  • Abbey Leisure Centre has some good benches to grind on, Somerfields has one of the biggest flat areas in selby (good to prefect your stile and tecniques. Flaxley Road school has some good bits (so I am told) Selby district council building has the stair sets and hand rails, safeways has a small area to skateboard on when wet,(if your that desperate !)
  • Everyone hangs about at haxby park especially friday nite when its a great pissup spot! there are haxby slappas aka laura b and lots of lemans ohhhhh!!!!
  • mayhem. just outside the public loos in the square.
  • Well, I guess every1 likes the muse gardens! a good chill spot, you can skate there too. ( and feed pigeons! way!)
  • muse gardens-loads of space to do whateva you want with out people botherin you. you can feed pigeons! way!
  • the museum gardens, arguably one of the nefarious places in york..
  • The Knasmere its been a young persond heaven for years
  • banging tunes u gotta go 2 scarcroft park. it is happening. bring ur cheap white cider down. i'll c u all friday u cool peeps."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Acomb Green
  • Front Street, Acomb where Chappie kids hang out doing very little. Also, more recently in the backstreets of Beaconsfield, Gladstone and Milner Street.
  • Tang Hall Lane, outside Co-op. Cycle track from Rowntrees to Osbaldwick, particularly near Dodsworth Avenue (Arran Place) and near Tang Hall Community Centre (recently burnt down)
  • Fountain on parliament street.
  • Watch under the clock at Marks & Spencer in Parliament St - that's where all the kids wait when they're meeting someone.
  • definitely Parliament St or any one of the squares
  • If you wanna hook up with skateboarders, Mayhem skateboard shop is good a place as any. Plenty of people and the local meathead russ will tell you any info you need to know.
  • The Fountains outside the Disney shop. Lots of fun when someone empties out a bottle of Fairy liquid into them.
  • Large amount of baseball-cap wearing youths (aka Kappa Slappas) hang around Parliament Street fountain and outside Woolworths on a Saturday. Spit at them when you get the chance.
  • 15 year olds sit on the stalls in Newgate market and share a 10-pack of Regal Kings to share out. Alternatively, the Kwik Save car park on Hull Road. A passing student may be persuaded to buy you a litre of no frills cider.

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