The Knowhere Guide Abused!

The Knowhere Guide has come in for a fair amount of abuse over the years. We have selected the best.

I am loathed to read this but feel that i must make a point in response to the garbage that has been left on here by what i can only assume are the adolecents that give Blantyre the bad image it now has.
see the Knowhere Guide to Blantyre
Your Site stinks. The comments you have published about Cheltenham are offensive and you should be ashamed. Also, try to employ a web/graphic designer who isn't a brain-dead, unimaginatve moron.
see the Knowhere Guide to Cheltenham
Tell You What, Chaps,

I know you started out as a skateboarders' site, but that graphic that appears on each new panel is extremely annoying! Don't you realise that you're now a reliable informational site? Skateboarding's for people who work in MacDonald's, isn't it?

Johnny No-Stars

You really are a bunch of juvenile, retarded, pathetic TWATS, aren't you?
see the Knowhere Guide to Taunton
Well, all right, all right. I admit defeat. I didn't realise that the Knowhere Guide was for people just wanting to 'have a laugh'. I thought it was there for people to impart information about their home towns. Useful information, that it. Not opinionated claptrap. And what a lot of people find very dispiriting is this 'I don't like it, so it must be crap' mentality. I'll admit that the F&B is not everyone's cup ot tea. What is? But to denigrate what is Middlewich's ONLY major event, and one that does do so much for the town 'for a laugh' is despicable. Contributors to the 'Knowhere Guide' can hide behind their anonymity (as, admittedly, can I) and say what they like. They would be much better off on one of the many 'chat lines' and so on which infest the internet if they want to indulge in uninformed drivel. The 'Knowhere Guide' should abandon any claims to 'tell the truth' about Middlewich and admit that it is a sounding board for the immature and, possibly, those with a grudge. I will leave it at that. Goodbye.
see the Knowhere Guide to Middlewich
Having read the previously submitted comments I now realise that this guide is intended for the under 10 year-olds. Oh dear, Leominster sounds crap - definitely not the Leominster where I live. Perhaps the writer should try living somewhere else and get a life. Between us my wife and I have lived in Suckley, Hay on Wye, Clyro, Builth Wells, Oxford, Presteigne, Shobdon, Peterchurch, Barry, Chippenham, Devizes, Hereford, Chelmsford, Chester and Birmingham. Leominster is the best of 'em all - don't knock it through ignorance. I was going to submit loads of information on the good things in Leominster, and why my family and I have chosen to live here, but to be honest, this guide is so trivial and shallow I really don't think there is any point.
see the Knowhere Guide to Leominster
I would just like to say having visited several of your tourist reports that they are in the main, badly written sad depictions by sad people who do not respect the opportunities and beauty around them.

I would caution any tourist authority or individual responsible for a tourist function to take any part.

The concept is excellent, but the pratice is flawed by lack of regulation, which will allow any late night freak with a modem to submit his or her pathetic, unwarranted views.

Yours sadly,

a resident of Poole.

see the Knowhere Guide to Poole

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