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Oh, Just One More Point

This form is intended for updates to the main guide page about the town: information or opinions about things which are relevant to the place now. There is a separate noticeboard if you wish to make contact with other users.

Oh yes. Another thing...

Knowhere has to operate under UK law. Which means that accusing someone of breaking the law, for instance by serving minors in a pub, will put both you and us in the firing line, even if it's true. Pointing out the remarkable youthfulness of the clientele however is another matter entirely!

And while we're on the subject, PLEASE DON'T send us stuff which is defamatory, racist, malicious or otherwise unlawful - this isn't a soapbox for prejudice, personal abuse or private vendettas.

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Please please please please please don't just put "none" for any of the sections - why not suggest some local places you might go to find what you're looking for? And if you can't think of anywhere at all just leave the box blank.

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Hook-up Spot

That hallowed spot where you hang around with their mates dreaming of the time when you can get into the pubs or clubs, or when you're meeting up before going skating somewhere -- a bench, a corner: you name it.
Not pubs and clubs, let alone singles bars. And NOT memories from your youth. If you have to write "they" instead of "we", please just leave this blank.

Skateboard Spots

Knowhere started life at the end of the seventies as a skateboard guide (some of you might remember RAD magazine and Phat), and we're proud of our roots. If you don't know about the local scene that's fine. Just leave this blank. If you do, where are the best spots? Street and parks included...

Skateboard Shops

If there are no shops in Aylesbury, then where do you go for decks, trucks, etc?

Record Shops

Woolworths sell a lot of records, but that doesn't mean they should be listed here. We're more interested in the specialists - the type of shops which make this place stand out from the rest.
If there's no good record shop in Aylesbury, then where do you go for the best selection?

Musical Instrument Shops

If none here, then where's the nearest? Please leave this blank if you don't know. Do they specialise in anything - drums, or guitars or electronic or DJ gear?

Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire

Where's the nearest? Any good? And special facilities? Please leave this blank if you don't know.

Music Venues

Any local places that have bands, no matter how small. And places close to Aylesbury where the bigger bands play.

Local Bands and People Making Music

If you are in a band, or you know of a local band, please share the info here - we want who they are, what they sound like, and where they play. It's really boring having to delete stuff like 'they're all crap', so if you don't know any local bands please leave this blank. No events though - use the Events listing for that.

Clubs, Discos, and Music Bars

Mostly Dance, we suspect, but other kinds of music are fine here too - Punk, Rock, Indie, Dance, Country and Western. Even Folk. There's a different section for live music. And remember, NO club in the country allows underage drinking (honest!!) - some might have REMARKABLY young patrons however...

Clothes Shops

More interesting shops here please, rather than the High Street chains. And put the brands they sell because that'll help people find what they want.

Sports Facilities

Local football, rugby, hockey, basketball, baseball etc, - sports clubs, playing fields, leisure and sports centres, swimming pools, boxing, karate, judo, dance, in fact any sport that doesn't involve a skateboard.

Sports Shops

Where to buy Football, Rugby Boots, Tennis, Badminton Racquets, Trainers, Balls, Sports Kit of all kinds


Please tell us what it's like. (Would you travel miles to see a film there? -- Or would you travel miles to see the same one somewhere better?)

Art, Crafts, Hobbies and such

Anything from pukka art galleries to craft shops. Trendy and twee both welcome.

Tattooists, Piercing, Headshops - All kinds of Alternative Lifestyle supplies

Leave this blank if these things are not your scene - and where's the best/closest if there isn't one in your town.

Games and Computer Shops

Include fantasy as well as console and PC games.

Internet Cafes, LAN Game Cafes, LAN Parties, Tournaments

Which cafes have the best facilities? Who organises local LAN Parties?

BMX/Bike Shops

If none in Aylesbury, where do you go? Include Scooters/motorbikes here if you like.

BMX Trails and Street Spots

Magazine and Comic Shops

We're looking for places that stock titles like Sidewalk and Document (other than the skateboard shops of course), plus a good range of comics and music mags.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Cheap Food

Restaurants, take aways etc. Decent food on a small budget.


Again, NO pub has ever served a minor, M'lud! Some, however, might attract a FRESH FACED crowd!

Where to Stay in Aylesbury

If you are visiting, just moved here, or for some reason find yourself without a home, the tourist hotel guides aren't much help. So if you know a place to stay that's cheap and OK for a short stay, use this section to help others sort themselves out too. We're looking for hostels, B&Bs, hotels, any kind of accommodation for one night to a few weeks.
Please don't just put 'don't stay here' - some people have to for work or whatever, and some people need to find somewhere quick for their own reasons, and here's where you can help.

Local 'Characters', Buskers, Street Entertainers

Most places have their mild eccentrics - as well as their buskers, crap jugglers, and plain old loonies. But selling the Big Issue doesn't automatically make you an entertainer - let's have some quality control here!

Cringing Cult of Celebrity

Famous residents and ex-residents. That is, famous to people who don't live here.

Favourite Building

Demolish-it Now Building

The building you'd like to see flattened.

The Best Things

The Worst Things

The Stuff We Can't Fit in Somewhere Else

Please range as freely as you like: over the years new categories have been added to the guide to suit the type of information contributed here.

Relevant Web Sites

Important: Knowhere is not a general "list of links" site (why duplicate something done better by others). Please pause and ask yourself whether the site you're suggesting is likely be relevant to people interested in this place. So no sites please with 'national' interest.
Please try to think of the best starting point in the site for people coming from a site like this. So if it's a site which contains a document relevant to this place, please give the URL for that document if you can, rather than a general start page.

That's the lot...

Mail for helpful information and further details of how to contact Knowhere. Thanks.